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Travel Tips – by car and by air

cherubino-health-center-travel May 20, 2014 – It is estimated that more than 36 million people will be traveling this Memorial Day 2014. If you’ll be traveling by car or by plane, here is some healthy travel advice from the staff of Cherubino Health Center, CherubHealth Products and Ask Dr Ron Radio.

Traveling by Car

Tip 1: Bring a Small Pillow -Using a small pillow that you can position in the small of your back will help support your lumbar spine while traveling and helps prevent fatigue and back strain.

Tip 2: Keep Super Hydrated! -Keeping well hydrated while traveling (preferably with pure, clean water) is important in order to maintain healthy blood flow, a clear mind and a positive attitude.

Tip 3: Make Frequent Stops -Stopping frequently on a long trip by car is essential and has been shown to relieve muscle fatigue and help prevent blood clots. (It is recommended that you stop each hour, and that you walk for five minutes before continuing on your journey.)

Tip 4: Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks -Bringing healthy snacks gives you a lot more control over the food that you and your travel mates eat. It also helps you avoid some of the nutritional pitfalls of the “deadly” junk food that is so readily available on the road. (Cutup veggies, hard-boiled eggs, raw or roasted nuts and seeds make healthy fun snacks)

Tip 5: Remember to Bring Your Vitamins -By all means, remember to bring your vitamins. Chances are you’ll need them more than ever due to the stresses and strains of travel and eating out.

Tip 6: Passenger Neck Pillow -If you’re going to be a passenger in the car, a comfortable neck pillow will be much appreciated at some point during the trip.

Tip 7: Comfortable Clothing -Dressing comfortably makes a world of difference when traveling. It is also beneficial for your circulation, your muscles and your spine.

Tip 8: Compression Stockings -Compression stockings or other type of compression hosiery can be a lifesaver, whether you’re traveling by car or by plane. (This is especially true when traveling on a plane, since the pressure differences can be dangerous to your circulatory system)

Tip 9: First Aid Kit -Bringing a first aid kit is a smart idea. They are available at most drugstores and come in various sizes depending on your available space.

Tip 10: Grocery Store versus Fast Food Restaurant -Stopping at a grocery store, instead of a fast food restaurant may seem somewhat unglamorous but can save a lot of digestive stress as well as saving you a considerable amount of money.

Tip 11: Don’t Sit on Your Wallet -Sitting with your wallet or other items in your back pocket is a bad idea. It can press directly on your sciatic nerve and cause a tremendous amount of back and leg pain.

Tip 12: UV Protective Sunglasses -Wearing UV protective sunglasses will help you protect your eyes and avoid headaches that can occur from squinting.

Traveling by Plane

1. Stand up every so often and walk whenever possible.

2. Do toe raises and glut squeezes while seated in your chair

3. If reading or using a computer, hold it high or prop it up to protect your neck

4. Drink water and drink water!

5. Dress comfortably

6. Compression stockings

7. Do not sit with your wallet or other items in your back pocket

8. To support healthy blood supply while in the air, take an extra vitamin E.


Before you Leave Home

1. Pack a bag with wheels

2. Bring comfortable shoes that you have worn before

3. Accept that you will forget something… pray that it’s not your passport or your spouse!

From all of us here at Cherubino Health Center, we wish you a happy and safe holiday.

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