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Low Carbohydrate Eating and Your Overall Health – Answers from Dr. Ron Cherubino

This is part 2 of a 9 part series on low carbohydrates and your health. It’s designed to help you determine the right amount of carbohydrates to be eaten on a daily basis.

Overall health is a major determining factor in helping you determine how many carbohydrates you should be eating each day.

Certain conditions are more of a concern than others and I want to give you a general idea of the things that I look for when counseling people about their diets.


Liver and kidney conditions are major concerns when trying to reduce your carbohydrate intake. I recommend sticking with low glycemic foods and that your grams of carbohydrate be towards the higher side of acceptable for a low carbohydrate diet. The range of 50 to 180 carbohydrates per day is a good starting point for most people, however any illness or weakness that involves two of the main detoxification systems in the body requires eating carbohydrates on the higher side of the scale.

I recommend starting with no less than 150 g of carbohydrate per day and seeing how it goes from there in order that a person not run into problems and inevitably make the liver or kidney conditions worse.

Remember there are a lot of toxins that are released as the result of a low-carb diet. This is not a bad thing in the big picture, however it does tax the three main organs of detoxification including the liver, kidneys and large intestine.

So why should you be on a low carbohydrate diet if it means increased toxic load to your organs? The toxins that will be released are already stored in the form of poisons and will be released as your body burns fat cells and functions at an improved metabolic rate. Both of these sources of poisons need to be eliminated in order to improve overall organ and bodily function and therefore overall health.

Also, if you have an intestinal condition especially one involving inflammation or constipation, going too low with your carbohydrates can spell trouble. It could even result in a program that is ultimately dangerous.

Finally, let me leave you with one final concept about overall health that many people seem to overlook or be unaware of. It’s fairly easy if you’re suffering from various symptoms to appreciate the fact that your overall health is less than ideal. Unfortunately, this results in many symptom-free, but nevertheless unhealthy, people failing at their low carbohydrate approach because the carbohydrates are simply too low to sustain the needed energy levels that their system requires.

However, the latest understanding of health both in the holistic and even allopathic realms of medicine involves a new awareness of health that goes far beyond mere symptoms. Put simply, symptoms are not accurate indicators as to the level of a persons health.

It is entirely possible for numerous dysfunctions, diseases and conditions to be present in a persons body without ever triggering a specific symptom that would make that person aware they have a problem.

All branches of medicine especially holistic and alternative, now have available various methods of utilizing what are known as indicators to identify disease regardless of whether symptoms are present or not.

I recommend that each person consult on a regular basis with a variety of physicians and other healthcare specialists. Medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, osteopaths, naturopaths, homeopaths, doctors of dentistry, etc. all have valuable information and are trained specialists that we all need to stay healthy.

For more information about silent conditions and ways of evaluating overall health, check out my free report entitled energy medicine, healing for the 21st century:

Part 3 is upcoming and will address the concerns of carbohydrate intake and a persons previous dietary habits.

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