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Cherubino Health Center is fully open during this pandemic.
We have remained open throughout, under direction from the governor’s office as an ‘essential service’.
As always, we are continuing to care for new and existing patients as well as those with emergencies.

Cherubino Health Center’s Response

to the Current Pandemic

CHC Staff with Mask

As always, our center continues to maintain a high standard of patient care and cleanliness of our facility. This includes following all federal and state mandates and guidelines.

(Massachusetts guidelines are displayed at the bottom of this page)

Above and Beyond…
In order to provide our patients and staff with pure and safe air quality, Cherubino Health Center has installed, a high-efficiency Whole Building Hepa Filtration System. We have been following these standards for over 25 years in order to maintain what we refer to as “clinical quality purified air”. Suffice it to say, at the time the filtration system was installed, I had no idea how important clean, uncontaminated air would become in the year 2020.

The center also has a high-capacity, industrial ozone generator for high level decontamination should the need arise.

As we all work our way to a better and brighter future, our doctors and staff are dedicated to helping our patients with all their health and wellness needs. And we will continue to care for new and existing patients as well as those with emergencies.

Yours in health,

Dr. Ron Cherubino, DC, AMD, DACFE
Clinical Director, Cherubino Health Center

Completed reopening form May 2020 virus pandemic

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