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Services and Treatment Methods

Cherubino Health Center

  • We practice Global Medicine which recognizes and integrates philosophies of healing from around the world.
  • All of our treatment and evaluation methods are nonforceful and noninvasive.
  • 39 years of successfully treating thousands of patients, has led us to the selection and development of highly effective techniques.
  • These methods are capable of identifying and correcting conditions at their root cause.
  • We use the latest approaches from multiple disciplines including Clinical Nutrition.
  • We also provide links to Nutrition Articles from leading authorities.
Dr Grace Cherubino in the reception room of The Spine Center

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Happy family bringing in their children for Alternative Medicine

Chiropractic Services

The latest in chiropractic care has been a vital part of our approach to health and healing since we began in 1982. Our state of the art Chiropractic Services are able to successfully treat a variety of conditions.

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photo of a woman holding her painful back

The Spine Center

State of the Art – Nonsurgical, Conservative Care for Musculoskeletal Conditions.

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Drawing in blue of Brain Architecture for Functional Neurology Functional Neurology Services

Functional neurology evaluates the operation of the nervous system and corrects dysfunction.

This harnesses neuroplasticity to overcome neurological challenges, improve coordination, and ultimately heal.

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Female Doctor in white lab coat with happy family in background

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine concerns itself with the identification and elimination of the underlying causes of disease and sickness. We integrate Chiropractic, Nutrition and other Holistic services in our Functional Medicine approach.

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Young girl reading a book by flashlight under the covers

Reading Tutoring

A whole person approach that puts the Joy back into reading!

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Doctor with stethoscope listening to baby's heart at cherubino health center

Chinese Medicine

A Classical and Modern approach to Chinese Medicine. Needle-Free, Laser, Electro Acupuncture and more.

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Photo of an apple on a table with a stethoscope next to it Nutrition Services

Clinical Nutrition can be used as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with other treatments. Our doctors are trained to target and integrate this service based on a person’s individual needs. In the blog section of this website you will also have access to health and nutrition blogs and articles, as well as hundreds of related radio show/podcasts from Ask Dr. Ron Radio.

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Photo of a happy family with their children and their shoulders posing for a picture at cherubino health center

Holistic Medicine

A whole person approach calling upon multiple disciplines such as Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, etc.

(Holistic and Alternative Medicine Overview)

(Holistic Treatment Programs)

Expressive Arts Psychotherapy

Help, through empowerment, creativity and psychoanalysis, to become your best possible self.

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