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Dr Ron Cherubino Cherubino Health Center

CherubHealth Healing System


A message from Dr. Ron Cherubino “In 1982 I started my practice with one single hands-on technique. When patients would ask me what technique I was using with them I quickly and confidently told them the name. 

As the years went by I discovered that I was a perpetual student on a quest to learn all that I could concerning human health. I knew full well that the more I learned the more I would be of help to my patients. So I continued to learn, practice, perfect and integrate. 

In 1994 I came back from China with so much new information and so many new techniques that I had difficulty giving patients a simple answer when they would ask me what technique I was using. The simple truth was that I had become an integrator. 
I was combining multiple techniques during each treatment session in response to the needs of that particular patient.  In time the use of these combined techniques took on a pattern, the pattern became an approach, and the approach became a system. Hence, the CherubHealth Healing System was born.

Dr. Ron Cherubino demonstrating pulse energy technique at the second medical University in Shanghai China
Dr. Ron Cherubino demonstrating Pulse Energy Technique (PET), at the Second Medical University in Shanghai, China

CherubHealth Healing System – Defined

The CherubHealth Healing System is a natural whole body approach to health care. The system can be classified, in part, as what is known as Functional Medicine

Developed and currently in use at the Cherubino Health Center, it is based on over 40 years of first-hand experience in the successful treatment of thousands of patients.

Philosophies and techniques from the world’s leading natural health disciplines have been, and continue to be, studied, implemented and integrated.

This has resulted in a time-tested, reliable and effective functional medicine, nervous system, based approach to natural healthcare. The basics, complexities and nuances concerning the cherubhealth healing system are detailed in the many pages of this website.

Informational audio, archived radio shows, brochures, articles and even interviews with world leading health experts are also offered for your information and edification.

Functional Medicine

Our functional medicine practitioners are available for consultation at our Massachusetts clinic location and over the internet or by phone.  

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