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Anna Cherubino Expressive Arts Psychotherapist

Anna Cherubino, LMHC, LCPC, M.A.
(Brain Center Director)

~  Welcome  ~

We’re glad you’re here.

~ At the Brain Center we focus on you – the things that you care about, what makes you unique, and how you’re going to move forward in your life.

~ This might take the form of holistic psychotherapy, or a specialized protocol for migraine headaches.

~ Whatever reason you’re here, our goal is to build a partnership that honors your individuality and history.

Dr Chis Cherubino Cherubino Health Center CHC Headache Protocol

Dr. Chris Cherubino, D.C., B.S., CME:
(Research and Clinical Education Director)

What’s a Brain Center?

  • Our combination of physical and psychological medicine.
  • The division of CHC that recognizes the cyclic nature of physical dysfunction and altered cognition.
  • The crossroads where your chronic traumas, thoughts, feelings, and experiences meet tangible solutions, both physical and emotional/mental.
  • A necessary piece of CHC’s goal of treating the whole person.
  • Strengths-based, functional medicine for body and mind.

Our Protocols:

Migraine/Neurological Headache Protocol

Holistic Psychotherapy

Multi-technique intermodal psychotherapy, with an emphasis on holism and trauma-informed transformational processes.
Read more. [visit our psychotherapy page]

Combination Therapy

  • The techniques of the brain center have been developed concurrently, for all types of conditions and people, and are fit together for each patient individually.
  • Dr. Chris and Anna have the ability to customize your in-office care to support your treatment plan. Patients of either provider can freely move between interventions, within The Brain Center, The Spine Center, and CHC as a whole.

“The Nervous System Holds the Key to the Body’s Incredible Potential to Heal Itself”

Sir Holder, MD, DC, PhD

“Anyone Could, If They Were So Inclined, Be the Sculptor of Their Own Brain”

Cajal 1897

We hope you find the information on this page helpful and we encourage you to contact us here at The Brain Center with your specific questions and concerns.

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