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Testing and Evaluations

At Cherubino Health Center we utilize a range of holistic testing and evaluation methods, determined by the specific needs of each patient.

The following is a partial list of the most commonly used holistic testing at Cherubino Health Center.

Please contact us at the Cherubino Health Center with questions you may have concerning any tests regardless of whether they are listed here or not.

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Dr Lars Landers Cherubino Health Center with patient performing neurological retraining

EMI - Electro Magnetic Imaging

EMI Evaluation by CHC doctors in blue

This non-invasive testing method of evaluating meridian and nerve function combines core Chinese Medicine principles with modern neurophysiology.

It helps provide information about the underlying causes of symptoms and conditions. At Cherubino Health Center we have been utilizing EMI since the 1990s as part of our holistic testing.

All testing and evaluations now utilize the latest equipment and computer technology.

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Neurological Examinations

Dr Lars Landers helping a patient perform Interactive Metronome at Cherubino Health Center

Detailed neurological evaluations are performed through The Brain Center, which is located here at Cherubino Health Center.

The valuable information gleaned from these examinations assists in the development of an effective non-drug, nonsurgical and individualized treatment program.

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Orthopedic Examinations

Drawing of a man bending over in pain holding his knee and leg

The foundation of modern chiropractic care is an evidence-based orthopedic and neurological screening examination.

These examinations are designed to rule out red flag conditions and ultimately elucidate which tissue is primarily responsible for the patient’s current condition.

At Cherubino Health Center we take a whole body, holistic testing approach to orthopedic and neurologic testing and evaluations.

PRA - Pulse Reflex Analysis

Doctor taking wrist pulse for pulse reflex analysis evaluation

This state-of-the-art holistic testing technique uses advanced applied kinesiology, naturopathic muscle testing, reflex and pulse point testing.

Applications for this technique include nutrition, homeopathy, food sensitivities and more.

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Homeopathic Testing

Picture of homeopathic remedies in clear labeled glass vials
Homeopathic holistic testing methods can be useful in a variety of situations, including the management or elimination of allergies, food sensitivities, and nutritional deficiencies.

At Cherubino Health Center our practitioners most often utilize homeopathic testing and evaluations as a part of our integrative medical approach.

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Nutritional Therapeutics

Photo of a stethoscope and an apple on a table

Nutritional Therapeutics at Cherubino Health Center combines over 30 years of experience with the latest in nutritional research.

Whether the goal is management of a chronic condition, weight loss, or food planning, our physicians can help you craft a plan that works with your body’s natural physiology. 

Click on the photo above to find out more about our unique testing methods.

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Radiographic Studies (Xray, MRI, CT Scan, etc.)

3D rendering of female in pain from TMJ dysfunction blue on black

Based on examination findings as well as the use of other test results, special radiographic studies may be ordered including plain film Xrays, MRIs, or CT scans.

Saliva, Blood, Hair and Urinalysis

Woman in bright pink sweater holding her stomach as she experiences digestive disorders
We have direct working relationships with numbers of holistic testing laboratories on the leading edge of saliva, blood, urine and hair analysis. Some of these holistic labs operate locally, while others are located across the country.

The need for this kind of holistic testing is determined on an individual basis depending on specific patient needs and can greatly inform your individualized care plan.

For example, blood tests viewed holistically through Cherubino Health Center can be valuable in reaching the most accurate diagnosis possible.

And holistic testing in general helps to identify and quantify conditions at their root cause.

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Food Sensitivity Testing and Evaluations

Women with white dress and dark hair with elbow resting on a clear glass table is holding her painful head

Sensitivities to various foods can contribute to a variety of health problems.

At Cherubino Health Center, we have found Holistic Testing with PRA is an efficient and cost-effective way of identifying many of these problems.

Find out more about PRA testing and evaluations: (Learn More)

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If you are looking for a Chiropractor (D.C.) or a Doctor of Alternative Medicine (A.M.D.), you have come to the right place. Located just outside of Boston Massachusetts, in the Framingham Southborough region of New England, Cherubino Health Center provides Hope, Healing and Health for people of all ages. 

  • Our whole person, Functional Medicine approach to health care emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself. 
  • We provide effective alternative and complementary health care options to the pharmaceutically based system in which we live. 

Since 1982, people in the Framingham Metrowest region, needing the care of a Chiropractor, a Holistic or Alternative Medicine Practitioner, have turned to Cherubino Health Center.  Many thousands of individuals from across the country and around the world have been helped at our clinic.

Cherubino Health Center clinic provides Alternative, Chiropractic and Holistic health care services with oversight provided by our Chiropractic Physicians and Doctors of Alternative Medicine.

Whether you are looking for help with a chronic or acute health problem, are interested in staying healthy or would simply like to know more about the field of natural holistic health care, we encourage you to investigate this web site and contact us with your questions and comments.

Under the umbrella of Cherubino Health Center you’ll find 3 specialized areas. Each one is designed to address the specific needs of individual patients.

We use the following categories to better focus on each person’s individual needs:

Photo of Dr Cherubino treating a child with red laser light therapy

Cherubino Health Center – About Us and Our Mission

feel better, function better, live a healthier happier life

   Our goals remain the same; to help people restore and regain their health through natural methods, without the use of drugs or surgery. To these ends we continue to offer individualized treatment to address the specific needs of each patient.

 Our hope is that the information contained in these pages is helpful and encouraging, first to our current patients, and then to anyone seeking information about a better way to improve their health without the risks and side effects associated with other types of health-care.

We especially hope to reach those individuals who are desperately looking for answers where up to this point none have been found.

Whether you’ve tried numerous medical or other forms of alternative treatment that have failed, or you are simply looking for a natural holistic approach that works, we welcome you to this site.

Cherubino Health Center – History

 Enthusiastic Beginnings in Framingham

   We began our practice in 1982 in the Framingham Metrowest region of New England, with a different approach to health-care. Armed with several revolutionary techniques, fueled by the high-energy determination of Chiropractor, Dr. Ron Cherubino our founder, and grounded in a philosophy that the human body was naturally self-healing, we began working with patients.

Nearly ten years earlier, Dr. Cherubino had himself been rescued from the hopeless despair of chronic illness and total disability through the use of nontraditional medicine. (Read Dr. Ron’s story)

Freed from Pain

   From the very first patients we treated we saw remarkable results. Initially, most came for pain control looking for the services of a Chiropractor. People were freed from chronic pain, relieved from the need for constant medication, depression was lifted, and migraine headaches disappeared as people were restored to a better state of health.

Many of those first patients came to us as a last resort. They had been told that the conditions they suffered from were incurable, that there was no hope for improvement, and that their conditions would worsen with time.

Others came because they were tired of their dependence on pharmaceuticals and their harmful side effects. They were ready for a change.

Some were leery of procedures that they had been told were useless or even harmful. Most people that came, stayed. The vast majority of those people saw remarkable results. More and more people began to appreciate their Chiropractor and the the value of Holistic and Alternative Medicine.

Hopeful Future

   Through the years that have followed, we have continued to learn. We have helped thousands of people restore and maintain their health and overcome the conditions and diseases they came to us with. As we are all aware, times have changed and the acceptance of holistic medicine has grown. And while it remains for most an alternative to ordinary medicine, our successes have continued to mount. We continue to learn and develop new and better techniques and approaches. With them we are able to help our patients achieve better and better results.

Current Scientific Research On Energy 

Depiction of the electrical energy in the brain in blues, greens, purples and redsSince the time of the Greeks, two schools of thought have coexisted.  Indeed, the debate has raged, at times explosively, between men and women of learning as to whether the truth of existence is based in the School of Atomism or the School of Vitalism

Since the discovery of quantum physics and its development in the early 1920’s, scientists have struggled with these same concepts of matter versus energy. 

Current scientific research is shedding some much-needed light on this age-old debate. 

Research conducted by scientists such as Dr. Bruce Lipton is not only uncovering the mysteries of the human cell, but the essence of matter itself.  Consequently, we now have a much better understanding of the role that energy plays in the function and creation of the human body.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “what we have heretofore referred to as matter is in reality energy.”

The verdict is in.  Vitalism has clearly won the debate and science itself has been the judge and jury. We encourage everyone with a thirst for truth and knowledge to further investigate this current research concerning energy and matter.

We recommend that you start by listening to an interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Ron Cherubino by clicking on the microphone icon below.

Author Dr. Bruce Lipton on Healthy Conversations with Dr Ron
Author Dr. Bruce Lipton on
Healthy Conversations with Dr Ron

Photo of a broadcast microphone the words listen now

Listen to Dr. Ron's Story and find out more about Dr. Ron, our founding member, and what led him to establish Cherubino Health Center.


Our First Center’s Holistic Mission – About Us

by Dr. Ron Cherubino – Clinical Director of Cherubino Health Center

   The year was 1982 and I was prepared to take the medical world by storm. Having more enthusiasm than insight, I assumed that the reason traditional doctors weren’t practicing holistically was that they simply hadn’t been exposed to it.

   Based on my personal experience with holistic medicine, I envisioned hospitals becoming combination emergency rooms and holistic health centers. Unfortunately, my timing was a few decades off!

New England’s First Holistic Center Of Its Type

   Timing issues aside, I did open what turned out to be the first holistic center of its kind in New England, in the town of Framingham Massachusetts in that very year. I physically positioned the center directly next to Framingham Union Hospital.  The hospital emergency room was on one side of me and the Framingham Heart Study headquarters was located on the other side. Thanks to a series of one-way streets, you literally couldn’t leave the hospital area without passing by my center.


So there we were, the original Cherubino Health Center, located at 24 Myrtle St., Framingham, Massachusetts, 01701. I thought it was pretty clever positioning myself there and for the next 11 years I utilized that location to the advantage of our many patients as well as the surrounding medical community.

We won over quite a few people but didn’t quite have the world shaking impact I had hoped for. Nevertheless, if you needed a Framingham Chiropractor, we were certainly the place to go.

That notwithstanding, holistic health care principles are now starting to make their way into all branches of medicine both in this country and around the world. My timing might have been off by 40 years or so, but what are a few decades when you’re having fun.

At our new location where Framingham meets Southborough, our clinic offers a wider range of services than ever before. It also supports the dream I had over 40 years ago to create an interdisciplinary environment of health, healing, discussion, and education. We have made substantial progress in the past 40 years. But when it comes to holistic medicine, I am most excited when I imagine how much progress there will be over the next 40. 

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