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Testing and Evaluations at CHC

Female doctor at CHC with stethoscope and clipboard


At Cherubino Health Center we utilize a range of holistic testing and evaluation methods depending on the specific needs of each patient.

The following is a partial list of the most commonly used holistic testing at Cherubino Health Center.

Please contact us at the Cherubino Health Center with questions you may have concerning any tests regardless of whether they are listed here or not.

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For Those Who Prefer Expanded Text, Please Find It Below

EMI – Electro Magnetic Imaging at Cherubino Health Center

photo of chiropractic assistant
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This non-invasive testing method of evaluating meridian and nerve function combines core Chinese Medicine principles with modern neurophysiology.

It helps provide information about the underlying causes of symptoms and conditions. At Cherubino Health Center we have been utilizing EMI since the 1990s as part of our holistic testing.

All testing and evaluations now utilize the latest equipment and computer technology.

Neurological Examinations

Dr Lars Landers helping a patient perform Interactive Metronome at Cherubino Health Center
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Detailed neurological evaluations are performed through The Brain Center, which is located here at Cherubino Health Center.

The Brain Center’s director, Dr. Lars Landers is a board-certified chiropractic neurologist whose training and expertise enables him to identify central and peripheral nervous system abnormalities.

The valuable information gleaned from these examinations assists in the development of an effective non-drug, nonsurgical and individualized treatment program.

Orthopedic Examinations

photo of a woman holding her painful back


The foundation of modern chiropractic care is an evidence-based orthopedic and neurological screening examination.

These examinations are designed to rule out red flag conditions and ultimately elucidate which tissue is primarily responsible for the patient’s current condition. 

At Cherubino Health Center we take a whole body, holistic testing approach to orthopedic and neurologic testing and evaluations.

Radiographic Studies (Xray, MRI, CT Scan, etc.)

xray of a patient at the Cherubino Health Clinic


Based on examination findings as well as the use of other test results, special radiographic studies may be ordered including plain film Xrays, MRIs, or CT scans.

Saliva, Blood, Hair and Urinalysis

Blue medical electrochemical background with bonds between circular structures
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We have working relationships with a number of holistic testing laboratories for saliva, blood, urine and hair analysis. Some of these holistic labs operate locally, while others are located across the country.

The need for this kind of holistic testing is determined on an individual basis depending on specific patient needs and can greatly inform your individualized care plan. 

For example, blood tests viewed holistically through Cherubino Health Center can be valuable in reaching the most accurate diagnosis possible.

And holistic testing in general helps to identify and quantify conditions at their root cause.

Food Sensitivity Testing and Evaluations

Women with white dress and dark hair with elbow resting on a clear glass table is holding her painful head
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Sensitivities to various foods can contribute to a variety of health problems.

At Cherubino Health Center, we have found Holistic Testing with PRA is an efficient and cost-effective way of identifying many of these problems.

Find out more about PRA testing and evaluations:

PRA – Pulse Reflex Analysis

Doctor taking wrist pulse for pulse reflex analysis evaluation
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This state-of-the-art holistic testing technique uses advanced applied kinesiology, naturopathic muscle testing, reflex and pulse point testing.

Applications for this technique include nutrition, homeopathy, food sensitivities and more.

Nutritional Analysis

Photo of an apple on a table with a stethoscope next to it
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Nutritional analysis at Cherubino Health Center combines over 30 years of experience with the latest in nutritional research.

Whether the goal is management of a chronic condition, weight loss, or food planning, our physicians can help you craft a plan that works with your body’s natural physiology. 

Click on the photo to the left to find out more about our unique testing methods.

Homeopathic Testing

Picture of homeopathic remedies in clear labeled glass vials
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Homeopathic holistic testing methods can be useful in a variety of situations, including the management or elimination of allergies, food sensitivities, and nutritional deficiencies. 

At Cherubino Health Center our practitioners most often utilize homeopathic testing and evaluations as a part of our integrative medical approach.

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