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EMI – Electro Magnetic Imaging

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Electro Magnetic Imaging (EMI), is a way of electronically measuring the function and efficiency of the body’s nervous system via what are known as nerve points. Chinese Meridians play a vital role in the performance of this technique.

EMI Evaluation by CHC doctors in blue

The procedure is easy and painless and is appropriate for patients of any age.

Information is gathered by taking measurements from points on the wrists, hands, ankles and feet.

  • The skin is lightly contacted with a moist cotton tipped instrument and numerical readings are made at each location. This is a completely non-invasive, non-needle procedure.
  • The small amount of electrical energy needed to perform this test is well below human perception. The procedure is therefore completely painless and safe.
  • Numerical values are then entered into our EMI computer program, where database calculations result in the generation of a detailed graph, chart and report.

This information correlates the function of specific nerves, their associated organs and the potential diseases and conditions that can result.

At Cherubino Health Center we have found that the information obtained through the use of EMI is valuable in the evaluation, treatment and management of both chronic and acute conditions. Together with complementary approaches such as electro acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine and Pulse Energy Technique (PET), EMI may make the difference when identifying the underlying cause of a specific condition.

Also, conditions such as Nerve Impulse Deficiency (NID), can easily be identified, quantified, charted and interpreted.

EMI is a modern version of the Chinese Medicine technique known as “Ryodo-Raku”.

By measuring the electrical resistance of 24 specific Nerve/Meridian points, this test is capable of identifying functional imbalances related to the body’s Meridian and nervous systems.

Sample EMI Results for a Patient with Chronic Headaches

Below is an image of a printout of the computer-generated EMI evaluation that was performed on a patient suffering with chronic migraine headaches.

Chinese meridians and their corresponding nerve points were used to perform the evaluation which, in this case, gave this patient’s doctor a more holistic view of her situation.

An understanding of the system of Chinese meridians together with a working knowledge of the intricacies of the human nervous system, is a powerful combination.

Women with white dress and dark hair with elbow resting on a clear glass table is holding her painful head
EMI - Electro Magnetic Imaging chart of a patient suffering from chronic headaches
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