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Vintage Ads To Learn From

I first came across some of these vintage ads as I was researching the history of refined sugar.  At the time, I was writing a Blog about Coca Cola preparations.

Personally, I am most impressed by the similarity between the vintage ads presented here, and so many of the ads that we see today.  To me, these ads are clearly designed to dupe ignorant consumers into buying products that are dangerous to their health.

Another point that many patients and readers have brought up to me, is that while these ads may play upon the ignorance of potential consumers, they may have been conceived by people that were ignorant themselves.

Well, I hope that you enjoy the information on this page and will let us know what your thoughts and comments are.

Dr. Ron Cherubino –  Clinical Director, Cherubino Health Center

Picture of oranges with deceptive and false statements attached.
This is a reproduction of an ad for Winston cigarettes with a pregnant woman touting the benefits of cigarette smoking while one is pregnant. A good example of trying to make something positive out of dangerous symptoms from harmful chemicals.

“Taste Isn’t The Only Reason I Smoke”

In this case, aside from the obvious profit driven motives, it may come down to addiction denial. This mocking form of chicanery is insulting, especially when considering that throughout history there were always people who recognized the dangers of smoking.

At the time this ad was published, smoking was clearly connected to birth defects, as well as other debilitating and fatal diseases such as emphysema and cancer. There is even a surgeon general’s warning included in this ad.

I remember reading a historical account of Sir Walter Raleigh introducing tobacco at the Royal Court. At that time, educated and non-educated people alike were warning of the dangers of inhaling dangerous smoke, similar to that emitted by a fireplace chimney.

deceiving sugar ad

I’d like to state here (this is Dr. Ron Cherubino) that I am a firm believer in freedom. That includes freedom of action, freedom of thought, and freedom of your convictions. I by no means am trying to shame people into any action. I am simply trying to arm those who are interested in factual information that they can use to improve their overall health and well-being.

This deceptive ad is not current, however, the concepts utilized here “to sell the product,” are still in use today. 

Also, any discussion concerning the dangers of consuming processed sugar is potentially complicated, due to the fact that refined sugar is highly addictive. This can make it’s relationship to the truth somewhat skewed at best.

Fact number one: the term sugar is used loosely to describe any substance containing available glucose.

Fact number two: sugar in its natural state is assimilated in the human body differently than sugar that has been refined.

Fact number three: The refining of sugar changes its effect on the human body which results in toxicity, inflammation, and nutritional deficits.

Fact number four: The orange in the advertisement contains sugar in its natural complete form. This sugar will change its chemical makeup once it is refined.

There is a misconception in the medical field that claims that all sugar is the same whether it is part of an enzyme rich raw fruit or it has been refined (crushed, heated and crystallized). This belief system is grossly incorrect.

Here are some links for more detailed information about the dangers of refined sugar:

The 4 Whites (text)

The 4 Whites (Audio Podcast)

Baby Ruth candy ad

Once sugar is refined, it becomes a toxin that is harmful to multiple systems in the body.

One of the actions of refined sugar is that it falsely stimulates the body.

This drug like reaction is harmful and addictive.

Here are some links for more detailed information about the dangers of refined sugar:

The 4 Whites (text)

The 4 Whites (Audio Podcast)

Cocaine Anyone?

cocaine candy ad

It may be hard to believe, but once upon a time, not so long ago, Cocaine was legal!

A person could order cocaine by mail, pick it up at their drugstore, or obtain it in a number of other legally acceptable ways.

It’s a perfect example of how symptom based logic works, or should I say doesn’t work?

It is so important to understand the underlying mechanisms (causes), not simply how something makes us feel.

Pleasure Helps Your Disposition!

Unfortunately, it’s hard to read the fine print on this Vintage Ad. However, it is pretty clear from what we can read that smoking cancer-causing fetus harming chemicals is justifiable.

After all, doing so helps the mother feel pleasure that improves her disposition. Obviously, as long as we explain this to the child all will be right with the world.

camel cigarette ad with pregnant woman

Dr. Batty and the Asthma Cure?

This is an image of an ad for Dr. Batty’s Asthma cigarettes. These were sold as a treatment for many conditions and diseases.

The ad serves as a reminder that allopathic (chemically based) medicine is firmly and faithfully based on covering up symptoms and not on addressing their underlying causes.

Health is all too often measured by a lack of symptoms as opposed to a measurement of function.

“Healthy people are symptom free, But symptom free people are not necessarily healthy.”

This is an image of an ad for Dr. Batty’s Asthma cigarettes that were sold for a cure for many conditions and diseases.
“I’ll be right over!”
(a.k.a. If Good Intentions Were Enough)

According to this ad, you can always trust your M.D. After all, he is Trustworthy, Highly Educated, Knowledgeable, and Wise, with nothing but good intentions.

Notice the M and the D are accentuated by a different color in the sentence, “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette!”

Vintage ad showing a doctor who recommends camels cigarettes
“Mummy’s Little Helper”

This is an ad for children’s morphine, that’s right I said morphine!

We’d love to hear your comments, because frankly we’re flabbergasted by this one!


This is a print ad for children's morphine also known as Mummy's Little Helper
Wholesome, delicious, pleasurable, refreshing,” deceptive!

Coca-Cola, and other cola drinks in general, have become a part of our culture, first in America and now globally.

It is difficult to critique something that literally billions of people consume, and I might add enjoy, on a daily basis.

It would appear that most people are unaware, unwilling, and oblivious to the actual dangers that exist in cola drinks.

3 steps to making changes in response to learning new information – Awareness, Acceptance, Change

Red and white Coca-Cola logo

Here is a link to definitive information concerning the dangers of cola drinks.


Image of a print ad touting how wholesome Coca Cola is

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