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Coca Cola Follows in Tobacco Industry Footsteps

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~from Dr. Ron Cherubino~

Have you heard the latest news from the Coca Cola Company?  The Coca Cola company has announced today that it will become part of the anti-obesity movement in the United States and worldwide. Its initial statement of purpose is to reduce obesity by reducing calories. The company states that “obesity is the result of too many calories consumed vs. too few calories out,” completely ignoring nutrition research that places weight gain squarely on the shoulder of refined sugar, over-processed ingredients, and preservatives. Like the tobacco companies did with cancer research foundations in the 1960s, the Coca Cola Company is attempting to protect its image by donating money and ad space to anti-obesity campaigns.

Highly sugared drinks do a lot more than simply adding calories. They contribute to widespread inflammation, insulin spikes, and mineral leaching by buffering systems.  Cola drinks, in particular, contain added acidic chemicals like phosphoric acid, which have been shown to directly harm the liver, kidney and bladder.

Specific harmful effects of refined sugars:

Finally, obesity is a complex disorder. For the Coca Cola Company to say that obesity is the result of too many calories is simplistic and inaccurate, according to recent research. Inflammatory levels, organ health, nervous system function, hormonal imbalance and the quality of the foods we eat (not just their number of calories) are all valid and important factors. We are now beginning to understand these major influences to the obesity epidemic in the United States of America and around the world.

Let’s remember that for decades in this country tobacco companies ran multimillion dollar campaigns to support the concept that smoking tobacco was not dangerous to your health. As we continue into the 21st century we find that tobacco companies have still not given up their lust for high profits at any cost. Sales of tobacco in countries such as China and India are continuing to rise.

I encourage every concerned individual reading this article to do their part to stop the Coca Cola Company and its quest for higher profits. When it comes to any harmful beverage or other non-food that Coca Cola or any similar company produces, I recommend that we all Just Say No!

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