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Personal Holistic Health Consultation

by Internet or Phone

Female doctor's assistant sitting with laptop and telephone to schedule schedule an Internet phone consultation

Wherever You Are, We Are There Too!

Three Easy Steps – Holistic, Internet Phone Consultation

step one: The House Call holistic service can be purchased online or by phone (508 – 229 – 0007)

step two: Setting an appointment time is the next step. Skype Consultation by Internet or Internet phone consultation takes (30 – 60 minutes)

step three: Information gathering:  Complete and submit the online patient forms. (Click Here)

  1. Holistic phone consultations work very effectively and are still the most common way we consult.
  2. Internet Skype consultations,on the other hand, are easier than most people think and provide a fun and effective way of consulting with a doctor.  All you need is a working computer with Internet access and a free Skype account.  A web cam is preferred but is not necessary.  (Call us for details — we can help you with it) 
  3. Holistic Consultations will be tailored to meet your individual needs and to address your specific health-related concerns. 

During your Holistic House Call consultation your practitioner will review your personal health history, nutritional history and current health status. He/She will then make specific treatment, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on your individual needs.  When needed, we can also recommend specific types of treatments and even give you advice with the process of locating a local practitioner if you require one.

A message from Dr. Ron Cherubino:

Listeners often tell me that they wish they lived closer to the Cherubino Health Center so they could take advantage of the holistic services that we offer here. I agree that local listeners do have an advantage in that their choices include direct access to ongoing treatment, intensive care programs as well as Medical Skype Consultation and internet phone consultation support. And while a growing number of people have the means to visit our center from across the country and around the world, the fact of the matter is, large numbers of listeners are getting excited about natural healthcare but are having a difficult time finding doctors and clinics to provide it in their local area.
As far as natural holistic healthcare is concerned we live in changing times. Way too much self diagnosis and self-evaluation is going on. It’s dangerous, and it’s no longer necessary. At one time information was exclusively spread by word of mouth. People desperately tried to find answers on their own and then implement the cure themselves. Sometimes they were correct and other times they were dead wrong.
The primary reason I continue with the Ask Dr. Ron Show is because I firmly believe that education is the first step to health. Years ago, well before the availability of our telephone doctor consultation, I recognized that people were suffering because they lacked knowledge. I now realize that knowledge needs to be followed by several other action steps.
For several years now we have done our best to identify holistic healthcare clinics and practitioners in the various towns, cities and states around the country. Unfortunately, judging by the phone calls, letters and e-mails that we receive; the need for holistic care nationwide, far outweighs its availability. In some cases holistic practitioners are available but are lacking in practical experience and therefore expertise. While time will cure this problem, there are millions of people that are in need of help now!
Frankly, I didn’t quite realize how much ahead of the curve the Cherubino Health Center is and how difficult it is for many people to find similar holistic healthcare. Apparently, in many areas around the country holistic doctors and clinics are simply not available.

Word-Of-Mouth and Self-Help

As I mentioned, at one time in history the only way people could learn about natural holistic medicine was by word of mouth. There simply weren’t trained practitioners available to consult with. Throughout the 20th century, the printing press was a great friend to holistic healthcare. It was the primary way that many of us learned about this new and exciting form of healing.

Whether people learned about holistic medicine through word-of-mouth or by reading books, the bottom line was that they needed to diagnose and treat themselves. 

With the advent of the Internet phone consultation, this is no longer the case. Yet many people are still stuck in self-help mode. Or worse yet, they are hoping against hope that their chemically-based medical practitioners will somehow begin to magically talk to them about natural medicine. If and when that happens, two things will be true. First, it won’t happen magically and second it will occur slowly over a long period of time.
Either way you look at it, self-help is not the way to go. At best it is unwise and at worst it is harmful.
While it was difficult to learn about natural healthcare in the United States, by the latter part of the 20th century, allopathic, chemically-based, doctors could be found in almost every town and, in some cases, on just about every street corner. That is still the case today. The only problem is that more and more people are dissatisfied with a purely chemical approach to their personal health-care.

Face to Face with Technology

The main feature of having doctors, of any discipline, readily available is the fact that you can talk to them face to face, they can look at you, examine you and you can receive professional advice accordingly. Obviously if you need surgery, stitches or the like, having a doctor present is mandatory. If you think about it though, surgery and physical examinations aside, many times we will go to a medical doctor and simply consult. Additional procedures such as x-rays, blood work, etc., are recommended and most of the time it doesn’t require that you are physically present in that doctor’s office to have your needs met. 

Woman in blue striped sweater using a laptop computer during a Skype consultationIn the current age of technology face-to-face on the Internet or heartfelt communication via the telephone provides a viable alternative to an in-office visit. Recommendations can still be made to access services locally or even complete certain tests at home as the result of a modern “distance” consultation.
If you’re one of the lucky ones that lives in a community where natural holistic healthcare is widely available and you are able to find someone you like, then by all means you should be connected locally. However, the age of technology is providing us with a growing opportunity to interface with specialists and experts in many different fields, including teaching, finance, counseling and medicine. What may be available by way of a specialist in Phoenix, Arizona can potentially now be available through Skype consultation worldwide.

Long-Distance Care

As this phenomenon continues one can only imagine how new technologies will support new levels of human contact over distances, time and space. I personally look forward to the day when I will be able to fully examine a patient by means of some new technology, in spite of the fact that hundreds or even thousands of miles might physically separate that person from me. 
Does this sound absurdly strange? Personally, I would have had difficulty in 1959 imagining millions of people walking around with personal communication devices and speaking with other people all over the face of the planet via their moble phones. I still find it amazing when I can sit down to an Internet phone consultation with a patient and they can specifically point to the part of their body that’s bothering them and I can clearly see it from thousands of miles away.
So here is the bottom line. We’re here to help regardless of where you are located. A holistic Skype consultation or Internet phone consultation can provide a wonderful opportunity to educate, inform and help you on your path to healing and wholeness.
Stuffed light brown bear tucked in bed with blue bandage on head representing the convenience of an Internet phone consultationBlessings,
Dr. Ron Cherubino

Audio – Personal Whole Health “House Call” Consultation

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