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Member’s Page

Dr. Chris, Dr. Grace and Dr. Lars at Cherubino Health Center

This Member’s Page is provided as a support for:

  • Patients of Cherubino Health Center
  • Radio show and podcast listeners
  • Followers of Cherubino Health Center on social media
  • Patrons of CherubHealth Products
  • Those people worldwide that are looking for information pertaining to the practice of chiropractic, holistic and alternative medicine.

We expect that this Member’s Page will remain a work in progress in so much as the information available through this page will constantly be updated.

Holistic Medicine and the Communication Age

Since its inception in 1982, Cherubino Health Center has been a leader in holistic medicine, chiropractic and alternative medicine. In the early 1980s there were very few ways to share information with patients.

At Cherubino Health Center, written materials such as brochures were about the only way to handle that. While we still have brochures and pamphlets today this member’s page is a good example of the various ways times have changed.

Here you will find links to audio podcasts, informational videos, blogs, brochures, pamphlets, reports on holistic nutrition, links to some of the finest holistic websites and helpful resources that are available on the Internet.
We hope you enjoy these resources and stay in touch with us via email and social media.

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Articles – Brochures – Reports

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Drawing of person with electrical activity in brain and headThe Body Electric – Overcoming Disease and Restoring Your Health

“Recent discoveries in the fields of cell biology and physics have definitively confirmed that the human body is indeed energy-based.”…

 (Read More)

graphic of a Microphone with the words Listen Now(Audio Version)

black and white drawing of Joseph Lister and Antiseptic SurgeryA Vision of the Future

“Jules Verne, Christopher Columbus and Alexander Graham Bell are today considered men of vision…Jules Verne believed that man would someday travel to the moon.”…

(Read More)

Chiropractic an american born science written over a drawing of an american flagChiropractic: An American Born Science

“Most people think of back pain. But chiropractic actually started as a way of treating the whole body.”…

(Read More)

Photo of a stethoscope and an apple on a tableThe Battle Continues 

“Chronic degenerative disease is more widespread than ever before. …traditional medicine is dealing with potentially dangerous and often times lethal drugs.”… 

(Read More)

milk thistle with capsules next to mortar and pestleWhat Grandmother Already Knew

“When your grandmother was just a girl, people used herbal teas and other natural remedies to treat sickness, get healthy and stay well.” …

(Read More)

Graphic of a simple molecule on a white backgroundEnergy Medicine Report – Healing for the 21st-Century

“Over the past several decades there has been a growing interest worldwide in natural holistic medicine. Millions upon millions of people have begun to embrace its principles and practices.”…

(Read More)

picture of a hypodermic needle inserted in a pile of refined whit sugarThe 4 Whites – Classic Non-Foods

“Once thought to merely be a harmless source of empty calories, study after study has confirmed what naturalists have known for hundreds of years, sugar is indeed dangerous!” …

(Read More)

Drawing of baby sleeping on a cloudAre You Meeting Your Basic Daily Health Needs?

“The following 9 categories comprise some of the basic requirements for living a happy and healthy life on a daily basis.” …

(Read More)

photo of white bottles of supplementsDr. Cherubino Approved Clinical Quality Supplements

“Never before in U.S. history has the need for nutritional supplementation been greater..”…

(Read More)

Drawing of human nervous system for support of treatment at Cherubino Health CenterUnderstanding Your E.M.I. Test Results

“An extensive amount of useful information can be obtained from an EMI (Electro Magnetic Imaging) test graph. While we are not trying to make you an expert at EMI interpretation, we would like you to be able to understand some of the basics as they relate to your individual test results.”

(Read More)

Drawing in blue of Brain Architecture for Functional NeurologyThe Brain Center
Brochure (PDF)

“Improving, Repairing, and Restoring Brain Function” …

(Read More)

Steamed Vegetables on a white plateWhere to Begin with Nutrition
Acid Alkaline Fact Sheet

“Learn the basics of Acid Alkaline Nutrition.” …

(Read More)

Srawberries on white backgroundAcid Alkaline Balance and It’s Effect on Health and Disease

“To maintain a high level of function, the body is designed to operate with a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.45.” …

(Read More)

Photos of fresh vegiesAcid Alkaline Foods List

“Knowing which foods are Alkaline and which are Acid Producing is the basis of attaining a successful dietary balance of the two.”…

(Read More)

Photograph of a basket of red and yellow apples representing healthy holiday food including Apple crispGlycemic Index Foods Information and List

The Glycemic Index (GI) relates to the way your body’s sugar levels respond to certain types of food. Foods are given a rating from 0 –100 on the glycemic index with glucose in the highest position.

(Read More)

Pills scattered on a table topAnti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle 

“Recent research has identified a causative link between inflammation and disease.” …

(Read More)

Stethoscope with green apple on whiteThe 5 Essential Nutrients

“…supplements in this category are recommended as the basics in a proper nutrition program.” … 

(Read More)

Pug Dog with a band aid on her headThe Changing Face of Natural Health Care

“After All,  Pets Are People Too”

“We’ve been treating pets holistically at the Cherubino Health Center since 1983.” … 

(Read More)

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