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Sciatica, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Podcast

Back Pain, Sciatica, Leg Pain and More

The first time that many people become aware of the importance of their nervous system is when the experienced back pain or leg pain. In this free audio podcast from a Boston broadcast of the Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show, Dr. Ron Cherubino and cohost Tim Horton discuss the underlying causes of sciatica, leg pain and back pain and answer the question “what is the best way to heal sciatica”?.

Please visit our companion site, for hundreds of Ask Dr. Ron Radio podcasts, including interviews with health experts, nutritional advice and more. If you are suffering from sciatica or are experiencing back pain or leg pain that has not responded to treatment thus far, feel free to contact us for more helpful information. Our Spine Center is ready and waiting to serve you.

Drawing of a man bending over in pain holding his knee and leg

Of these three conditions, sciatica is probably one of the most difficult for surgically based medicine to treat.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for our practitioners to attend patients suffering from back pain and sciatica caused from failed spinal surgeries. And while there are a number of chiropractic techniques that may successfully manage these conditions, it is far better to seek non-surgical conservative methods of care first. In most cases, surgery should be an absolute last resort for any type of back pain, leg pain or sciatica.

At the Cherubino Health Center clinic we now have available the latest in Flexion Distraction technology. This technique provides a conservative and nonsurgical approach to spinal care in general and sciatica sufferers specifically.

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