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Spinal Health Podcasts

We hope you enjoy these free audio podcasts of the Ask Dr. Ron radio show. These spinal health podcasts were originally aired in Boston and were well received at the time. They have since gone on to an international audience with an interest in the spine and spinal health.

Drawing of human nervous system for support of treatment at Cherubino Health Center

These two podcasts are just to of the hundreds of free audio podcasts that are available at health of your spine is far more important than most people realize. It is the Guardian of your nervous system and your nervous system provides control for all of the functions of your body. Good spinal health care to ensure that a person remains pain-free and highly functional. The spine, through its potential influence on the nervous system can also cause a myriad of problems if it isn’t functioning properly.

Spinal Health, Part One

Spinal Health, Part Two

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