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PET  Pulse Energy Technique


PET – Pulse Energy Technique

Dr. Ron Cherubino demonstrating Pulse Energy Technique and Second Medical University Shanghai ChinaPulse Energy Technique is a by-hand healing modality developed over the past 33 years by Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Dr. Ron Cherubino. Numerous and varied systems of healing from around the world have been studied, practiced, integrated, assimilated and enhanced in order to develop this highly effective technique.

PET combines nonforceful Chiropractic principles with those of Acupuncture, Meridian Therapy, and Bioenergetics. With the use of this technique, areas of imbalance and deficiency in the body’s nervous system are identified and corrected. Light finger pressure is applied to points adjacent to the spinal column, on the cranium and specific nerve pathways. Treatment with Pulse Energy Technique results in improved nervous system function, and is capable of bringing about permanent correction of the underlying causes of many diseases.

PET can be classified as a sensory based technique with the ability of making permanent changes to both the sensory and motor divisions of the nervous system. The purpose of this powerful technique is to reestablish communication between the peripheral and central divisions of the nervous system, thereby improving the function of the nervous system. It reorients the relationship between the two and reeducates the appropriate neural components, thereby enabling the body to self regulate and maintain a more functional overall communication system.

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