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Laser Acupuncture at Cherubino Health Center


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Laser Acupuncture

At Cherubino Health Center, we have implemented the use of low power cold quartz lasers in laser acupuncture treatment  and auricular therapy treatments. Our results have been very favorable in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions. The use of laser light in laser acupuncture and laser meridian treatments is safe, painless and effective. All without the risks and complications associated with the use of needles.

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About Laser Therapy

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The term Laser Bio-stimulation refers to the use of low-powered laser to stimulate local areas or points on the skin. This procedure is being used for reduction of pain, acceleration of wound healing, laser acupuncture therapy, to name but a few applications.

The discovery of Laser in 1960 opened up new prospects for the medical use of light. Lasers now provide the clinician with optically pure sources of light capable of producing specific photochemical and photoelectrical reactions.

Since 1971 thousands of papers have been published in dozens of countries dealing with the physiological effects of low power laser. Low power laser therapy has emerged as an important treatment of a variety of conditions.

Research has demonstrated significant results with cold laser therapy, often times far exceeding those obtained with traditional needles, from the use of low power (635 – 690 nm) laser therapy stimulation of acupuncture and energy points. When these points are stimulated, sympathetic and other afferents (nerves that conduct impulses to the spinal cord) transmit information to the central nervous system.

Researchers have demonstrated therapeutic changes to the central and peripheral nervous systems in patients following laser therapy. The laser penetrates the epidermis, dermis and sub-cutaneous layers, entering the flexor tendons and surrounding tissue. Along its path the laser deposits photons into the cells.

Nerve stimulation is immediate. Within minutes microcirculation is improved bringing increased oxygen and blood flow into the area. The laser beam also blocks pain enzymes and activates the synthesis of endorphin enzymes.

Biologically, the laser light will increase the cell production rate in connective, tendinous and cartilaginous tissue. In addition, the laser beam has the capability of increasing the rate of regeneration of nerve cells and will not stimulate bacterial growth or cancerous tissue.

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Laser therapy for neck and back pain, joint pain and holistic laser acupuncture treatments can be safe, effective alternatives to other more invasive approaches.

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