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Woman in bright pink sweater holding her stomach as she experiences digestive disorders

Digestive Disorders Free Audio Podcasts

from Ask Dr. Ron Radio

Digestive disorders including: acid reflux, Gerd, Barrett’s esophagus, esophageal erosion, acid stomach, leaky bowel and holistic treatment options.

Millions of people nationwide suffer from digestive disorders, including acid reflux.
In this broadcast of the Boston-based Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show Podcast, Dr. Ron Cherubino and cohost Tim Horton discuss holistic treatment options as well as the pros and cons of the medications currently used to control the symptoms of digestive disorders and acid reflux.

The Over Medication of Digestive Disorders, Acid Reflux and Other Iatrogenic Diseases

Hundreds of free audio podcasts are available from Ask Dr. Ron Radio and Cherubino Health Center

In this podcast you’ll learn why proton pump inhibitors can have long term deleterious effects on digestive orders, acid reflux, Gerd etc.

Could Holistic treatment methods together with clinical nutrition help with your digestive disorders?

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