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Treatment Overview

Cherubino Health Center

Integrative Approach vs Common Medicine 

Photograph with a medical Doctor in lab coat with stethoscope around neck holding pill packs in his right hand with the photo of an older gentleman with the young holistic physician

All of our treatment and evaluation methods are nonforceful and noninvasive. Our years of experience in successfully treating thousands of patients, have led us to the selection and development of highly effective methods that are capable of identifying and correcting many conditions at their root causes. 

At the heart of holistic, alternative and integrative medicine is the issue of cause and effect.

We use the latest techniques in Meridian Therapy, Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbology, Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The use of holistic, alternative and integrative medicine continues to grow in this country and around the world. It does so for good reason; it is not only highly effective but also remarkably safe.

Alternative and Integrative Medicine for Acute and Chronic Conditions Alike

It works well with acute and chronic conditions alike, and is the only form of health care in the world that offers hundreds of completely safe approaches to holistic preventive care.

Already Well-Versed in Holistic, Alternative and Integrative Medicine?

To those who are well versed in holistic and integrative medicine concepts, most of the treatment methods described here will seem familiar. However, for those who are new to holistic health-care concepts and methods , I encourage you to look at this information while keeping the following in mind:

1. It helps to look at these new concepts with a fresh outlook and an open mind. This is especially true when words such as holistic and alternative are being used to describe medical treatment. Many people are put off by the concept of integrative medicine and a holistic approach in particular.

2. Please remember, this form of treatment does works. This is not mere posturing, vibrato or rhetoric; it is merely fact. For those of us working at the center, decades of observation and experience support this position.

(Belief in the efficacy of these holistic treatments is helpful but not mandatory. On the other hand, disbelief will not negate the effectiveness of this alternative form of treatment, but as a practical matter it may prevent the person who disbelieves from realizing any of its benefits through a lack of participation.) Thorough research makes good sense!

3. Holistic and alternative healthcare as practiced at the Cherubino Health Center cannot be properly understood by simply applying “medical thinking.” It is based on holistic principles and concepts that differ fundamentally from other allopathic medical disciplines.

Natural holistic alternative, health care is based on the concept that the human body is designed to be self-healing, self-regulating and naturally healthy. Disease is viewed as an abnormal state, not as an inevitable consequence of existence. When and if the symptoms of disease present themselves, natural remedies and treatments are sought first whenever possible. “Above All Else – Do No Harm”

In reality, the current medical system under which we live includes all sorts of options and alternatives. Unfortunately, these options are seldom available under one roof. But the fact remains that these holistic options are available and no one has to settle for low level “Cover-up and cut em up” medical care.

The practitioners of Cherubino Health Center offer people many workable holistic alternatives to the pharmaceutical and surgical approach.

For those who remain skeptical, leery or unconvinced, it’s time for study, research and exploration. If you have a genuine interest in learning more, our staff members can be a good resource and can help to get you pointed in the right direction.

Each of our practitioners has been personally helped by the alternative treatments and methods that we use at the center. We encourage you to contact us with your specific questions.

Healing Versus Symptom Relief
by Dr. Ron Cherubino

In August of 1980, I reluctantly attended a seminar that promised to introduce me to a revolutionary new holistic treatment method. The concepts that I was exposed to were to change my life forever.

That specific method of treatment, and more importantly the principles behind it, have formed the foundation for the alternative treatment methods that I have embraced, pioneered, developed and continue to use at the Cherubino Health Center.

I have lectured on the principles internationally and have personally cared for thousands of patients with the resulting holistic and integrative medicine treatments. After all this time I am still delighted by the amazing results that I continue to see on a day-to-day basis.

Dr Ron Cherubino lecturing at Second Medical College in Shanghai China

So what is the key to these methods and why do they work so well?

  • First key, the human body is designed to be self-healing.
  • Second key, our bodies are electrical in nature, not merely chemical.
  • Third key, we combine non-stimulatory treatments in a manner appropriate to the individual patient.

Working with these principles rather than against them, is the reason why some treatments work better than others. All of the treatments that we use at the center are capable of working with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The way we use our treatments never forces the body to make changes; rather they afford the body the opportunity to function better.

Only the body itself is capable of determining the rate at which it can heal. Treatments therefore need to work with this principle not against it. The human body is not an unintelligent machine.

To the contrary, it is an intelligent self-healing organism that must be given the care, assistance and environment to accomplish the task of healing itself.

Anyone who has any experience with organic gardening is aware that plants can only grow and thrive in the right environment. A gardener provides environment and support and the plants grow accordingly. It is similar with people in so much as it is impossible to force health on the body.

A properly functioning body will automatically heal itself. In turn, conditions, diseases and their associated symptoms will begin to resolve. The fact of the matter is “you cannot force health on the body”. If you try, you can oftentimes force a symptom or symptoms to change, but always at a price. These concepts speak to the true holistic nature of human beings.

You will sometimes exchange one set of symptoms for another and almost always fail to eliminate the cause of the problem in the process. Unless the body has healed a condition on its own it has simply traded one condition for another.

Dr Ron Cherubino

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