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Global Medicine


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Dr Ron Cherubino Cherubino Health Center

Many effective approaches to health and healing exist worldwide. Global medicine acknowledges this and seeks to benefit from this knowledge. A thorough knowledge of these differing approaches gives each patient real options when choosing their health care.  For example, Western, allopathic medicine would most likely be the choice immediately following a life-threatening automobile accident.  A chronic digestive problem, however, might be most effectively and safely resolved by means of a natural, non-pharmaceutical approach.

Integrated Global Medicine

At Cherubino Health Center we have integrated the most effective philosophies, and enhanced the most effective techniques of healing from around the world from a functional, global medicine perspective. Since 1982 we have successfully treated thousands of patients, suffering from a wide variety of conditions.

Consequently, we are able to maintain a world-class natural health-care facility that is of service to the Boston and New England area, across the United States and around the world. At the time of this writing the patient traveling the furthest to be treated at our clinic, 9,000 miles, lives in India.

Global Medicine – Right Here at Home

To find out more about global medicine and other services offered at Cherubino Health Center, be sure to ask about our holistic treatment programs.

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