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Fibromyalgia Podcast
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Millions of people suffer from the chronic pain condition known as Fibromyalgia. Current allopathic medical treatment is so ineffective when it comes to fibromyalgia that many people are left in a state of constant unrelenting pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, to name but a few of these potentially debilitating symptoms.3-D transparent drawing of a woman with an inflamed scapula due to weak muscles and fibromyalgia

At Cherubino Health Center we have worked with fibromyalgia patients since the mid-1980s. This was a period when people that had fibromyalgia were told that the disease did not exist. Nevertheless, our form of alternative chiropractic and holistic treatment worked quite well. We were able to help these patients minimize their symptoms and in numerous cases eliminate this disease.

In these podcast, Dr. Ron Cherubino and cohost Tim Horton discuss fibromyalgia, its origins and the alternative treatments that are available to help you or your loved ones with fibromyalgia.

These Fibromyalgia podcasts are just two of hundreds of podcasts that are available from the national and local broadcasts of the Boston-based Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show. Learn about holistic treatment options for the underlying causes of this condition.

Fibromyalgia Podcast and Your Nervous System

Fibromyalgia Podcast, Energy Medicine and Natural Alternatives

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