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Reading Tutoring
Linda Cherubino: Wilson Reading, Orton-Gillingham, Brain Gym

Mission StatementLinda Cherubino Reading Tutor and certified brain gym instructor

  • to facilitate and empower new and struggling readers
  • to continue to learn the best methods of reading acquisition
  • to treat all students with respect
  • to acknowledge and honor the tenacity and courage of my students in their specific processes of acquiring reading mastery

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Hourly Fee: $70.00
Save up to 10%

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Hourly Fee: $70

Save 10% –  prepay 10 or more = $63/hr.


Reading Tutoring Intervention

Let’s work together to banish reading dread and enjoy the world of words!

We communicate with our world largely through reading. Reading does not have to be an ordeal! My reading tutoring students have fun not only while learning how to read – or while improving their reading – but also as they learn how to navigate our “information age” in ways that best suit them.


Reading intervention at Cherubino Health Center is effective and fun

  • Every reading tutoring lesson is tailored specifically for each of my students to be exactly what he or she needs to succeed. 
  • Our individualized lessons are explicit, sequential, cognitive, cumulative, phonics-based, multisensory and emotionally sound.
  • Each reading tutoring lesson is paced to hold the student’s interest, reinforce previous skills, introduce new skills in explicit, small steps, build on strengths, and is completely positive. 
  • Reading is taught with a minimum of the “exceptions to the rules” that plague so many struggling readers.

Students learn that English makes a lot more sense than most people know because it is based on predictable syllabic, spelling, Anglo-Saxon, Greek and Latin patterns.Four young girls posing for a picture in the school yard before their brain gym session

Mastery of reading is achieved because we stay with each new concept until it is assimilated accurately, fluently and permanently as we continually incorporate previously learned concepts into new learning.

Wilson Reading, Orton-Gillingham and Brain Gym®

The great advantage of individualized reading tutoring is that my students have my undivided attention, expertise and the promise that I am diligent in using and seeking the exact interventions that they need to learn with confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Wilson Reading is a system of reading tutoring, based on Orton-Gillingham and years of research and experience, that organizes the English language by its six syllable types and spelling patterns. Wilson Reading Tutoring is recommended for students from grades two through adult who need a higher level of reading intervention than is possible in a regular classroom setting.

Orton-Gillingham is an approach to reading acquisition that is well researched and takes the whole child into consideration. Originally taught to doctors, teachers and therapists at Columbia University and at Mass General Hospital, it is based on the work of Dr. Samuel Orton (who first discovered and studied dyslexia) and Anna Gillingham. Together, they  researched and formulated the most effective reading remediation techniques  based on the mechanisms involved in the language-learning processes in individuals. The Orton Gillingham approach also forms the basis for much of Wilson reading tutoring.

Brain Gym®

Brain Gym movements help restore proprioception, hand-eye coordination, eye teaming and proper stress responses resulting in a more relaxed, open and efficient ability to learn. In reading tutoring, we find that problems with reading are not a result of a lack of trying! 

Struggling to read can be a daily, tormenting ordeal of repeated trying and failing. The integrative movements of Brain Gym allow students ease of access to thinking, imagining, reading and writing and reduce the tension and discouragement that impedes learning. Brain gym movements are tailored to each person’s individual needs.

A truly child-centered, holistic combination of approaches

The beauty of combining Brain Gym movements with reading tutoring intervention is that students gain access to their inborn ability to learn. The movements facilitate ease of learning and eliminate a great deal of the stress of trying as opposed to allowing.

The combination of multisensory, logical, sequential reading tutoring and the sensory-motor repatterning of Brain Gym empowers students from their cores, to their muscles, to their sensory systems to be able to finally “let the words in.”

The ability to read well is crucial

     Reading is a skill that opens the world to us. When a person has to work too hard to read, whether it is frustrating or time consuming or even to the point where it is a tormenting ordeal, you know how that difficulty impacts every area of life.Young girl reading a book by flashlight under the covers after her brain gym session

Reading struggles impact our lives

In school – During my student teaching practicum for high school English language arts, I was dismayed by the inadequate reading and writing skills of far too many of my bright, talented students. Since that time, my teaching focus has been to help as many students as I can to be free from the misery of falling behind in subjects in which they would excel were they not struggling to keep up with their academic reading and writing.

In life – Many adults silently suffer the inability to read. This silent epidemic prevents too many creative, intelligent people from pursuing their highest career goals, being part of cultural and political discourse, enjoying reading for its own sake, and freely communicating with loved ones, in business, online and in higher education.

At home – Homeshcooling is an educational option that my family and I have embraced wholeheartedly. When children do not readily assimilate reading skills, even with the excellent one-on-one, individualized teaching that learning at home affords, some students may be thwarted in their efforts to read and therefore to pursue their other educational interests.Teen age boy smiling and reading a book

Learning differences don’t have to impede good reading – each person’s brain is configured anatomically and physiologically differently. While there are students who seem naturally gifted in their ability to read, that giftedness is similar to musical, athletic, mathematical or artistic ability. Students may have a genetic aptitude in these or other areas, but they are skills that require training to a lesser or greater degree.

Students who are dyslexic often excel in one or more skills, but for them, learning to read takes longer and needs to be taught explicitly. Because our culture is so reading-dependent, any learning difference in this area is particularly troublesome. Additionally, students with ADD or ADHD require more intensive reading instruction because inattention interferes with assimilating knowledge and skills into long-term memory.

Reading tutoring at Cherubino Health Center improves lives

Reading sparks personal, intellectual and spiritual growth and opens us to the joys of exploring the worlds of literature, the marvels of modern life, and our place in political and cultural discourse.


If you have questions about reading tutoring, or would like more information, please contact us.

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