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Active Care

Rehabilitation and Exercise


Cherubino Health Center

Woman dressed in white performing active care exercises with a teal blue exercise ball

We are pleased to offer personalized sessions at Cherubino Health Center with Dr. Chris or Dr. Grace Cherubino. Targeted rehabilitation, exercise, and conditioning provide an excellent framework from which to being your healthcare journey.

What to Expect from Active Care

  • A brainstorming session to come up with goals, a plan, and a tentative timeline
  • A detailed physical evaluation to assess which areas need to be strengthened, rehabilitated, or stretched.
  • A personalized exercise plan you can do at home with minimal to no equipment
  • A hands-on teaching period for all the exercises in your plan
Green rubberized Dumbells on a table

Bodies are Meant to Move, Targeted Exercise Can Help!

Today, though, it is unusual to find a job that involves much more than sitting, standing, and occasionally walking to the paper shredder.

In our society, it is difficult to find ways to build movement into our lives and even more difficult to know where to start. An Active Care session can help.

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Contact Us to schedule your one hour Active Care session with Dr. Chris or Dr. Grace Cherubino.

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