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Chinese Medicine and Integrated Systems Acupuncture

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At the Chinese Medicine division of Cherubino Health Center, we use a form of acupuncture therapy known as Integrated Systems Acupuncture.

The focus of this type of treatment is to facilitate neurological communication and balance between energetically differing parts of the body through the stimulation (activation) of acupuncture points.

In this way, Meridian imbalances are corrected and both the central and peripheral nervous systems are updated. For a more thorough explanation of this form of Chinese Medicine, please feel free to e-mail or phone us.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Principles

Acupuncture is said to be 3000 to 5000 years old. The basic principles involve a unique overall view of the human body and its relationship to its surroundings. In Chinese Medicine they speak of harmony, which is attained when balance exists within and around the body.

Harmony and health go hand in hand. Chi, the Chinese word for energy, must be in proper balance in order for health to be present.

My Americanized explanation of acupuncture might be helpful. It is as follows: The human body is electrical in nature. The health of all parts of the body depends on a balanced supply of electrical energy, which is transmitted through nerves and other cells. The Chinese have determined that this energy flows through pathways known as meridians. If you’ve ever seen an acupuncture mannequin, the meridians are depicted as lines drawn on the surface of the model.

Meridian/acupuncture points overlap and correspond to specific neurological pathways. In Chinese Medicine, there are various ways, some of which are quite complex, of evaluating these energy pathways and identifying imbalances between them.

The practice of acupuncture utilizes a variety of methods to restore balance between meridians, ranging from the application of light touch to the use of electrical instrumentation on acupuncture points

We have seen outstanding results with the use of these instruments.


What Can Acupuncture Help?

Visit our Conditions page for conditions we commonly help our patients with at Cherubino Health Center.

Contact us for more information on Chinese Medicine and Integrated Systems Acupuncture at Cherubino Health Center.

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