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Pulse Reflex Analysis (PRA)

Nutritional Evaluation System

Doctor taking wrist pulse for pulse reflex analysis evaluation

Pulse Reflex Analysis, PRA, is a state-of-the-art energy-based technique that is designed to identify a person’s unique nutritional needs through digital pulse analysis. 

Areas of bio-electrical imbalance are also identified by the use of advanced applied kinesiology, which uses gentle resistance of various muscle groups in combination with reflex and pulse point testing.

Asian Medicine

The system is based on Japanese and Chinese energy medicine concepts coupled with an understanding of neurophysiology and reflexology.  Pulse Reflex Analysis (PRA) nutrition testing yields specific information concerning meridians, nerve pathways and associated organ systems. The system also includes indicators for food and environmental sensitivities.

Targeted nutrition

Based on these findings, targeted nutritional, supplement, herbal and homeopathic support recommendations are made. Periodic retesting and comparison to baseline testing provides an excellent measurement of patient progress.

Coupled with targeted treatment methods and other evaluation methods such as EMI, Pulse Reflex Analysis forms an integral part of the CherubHealth Healing System.

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