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Nutritional Therapeutics
at Cherubino Health Center Clinic

(Available in Office, by Phone or Internet)

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Our Approach to Clinical Nutrition 

     Have you taken a look recently at the abundance of information that is available in books and over the Internet on the subject of nutrition and your health? Adding complexity, much of the research performed on clinical nutrition is contradictory.

While this self-help type of information may be helpful, it can also be problematic. Ultimately, there is no substitute for the advice of an experienced professional, because the fact is, “one size does not fit all”!

Each of us is unique and will have varying nutritional needs based on a variety of circumstances and individual health factors. Understanding these factors and combining them holistically is the difference between hit and miss nutrition and receiving the nutrient support that your body truly needs to heal itself.   – Dr Ron Cherubino

Nutritional Analysis and Targeted Clinical Nutrition

     One of the most valuable and widely used services at Cherubino Health Center is the holistic evaluation of your health and how it relates to your individual nutritional needs.

We consider factors such as;

  • Overall health,
  • Current symptom picture,
  • Personal health goals,
  • Personal health history,
  • Genetic and hereditary factors,
  • Past and present eating patterns,
  • Current allopathic test results,
  • Functional medicine findings.

With over 40 years of experience in the field of clinical nutrition, we are in the unique position of being able to help people that are suffering from a wide variety of conditions.

To date, thousands of patients have benefited from our approach to health and wellness.

As always, we seek to evaluate, treat, educate and instruct.

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Topics in Nutritional Therapeutics and Clinical Nutrition:

  • Acid alkaline
  • Baseline nutritionals
  • Enzyme therapy
  • Toxicity and Inflammation
  • Live foods therapeutics
  • Saliva testing
  • Nutritional supplementation guidance
  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • Modified food diets
  • PRA  (Pulse Reflex Analysis)
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Detoxification diets
  • Herbs
  • Homeopathics
  • (see Treatments and Services) 

To schedule a nutritional analysis consultation or to ask a question about clinical nutrition and other services at our center, please speak to a staff member at the center, email or call us. (Contact Us)

Our Nutritional Approach 
by Dr. Ron Cherubino

     We have been working with nutrition in our center since the early 1980’s. My wife Linda, and I had the privilege of studying under Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr., one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of clinical nutrition.  Nutrition remains an integral part of our holistic approach and we continue to add to our body of knowledge. 

     When we first began using clinical nutrition and nutritional analysis, our approach, which utilized acid / alkaline balancing, was considered radical.  I remember how unpopular a concept it was that nutrition and disease were related at all. I know that may be hard to imagine as we view it from a 21st-century perspective, however I assure you the resistance was overwhelming. Unfortunately, there still exists today a widespread ignorance and resistance when it comes to nutrition and health.

Photos of fresh vegies     Today, the world has begun to move significantly in a more natural wholesome direction in the field of clinical nutrition. We now hear how processed sugar is indeed toxic. We are warned to eat our vegetables because they are linked to the prevention of cancer. In actuality, these and many other simple but profound facts have been known to naturalists worldwide for hundreds of years. Jethro Kloss, an early 20th century naturalist, healer and author of the book Back to Eden, documented the use of herbs and other foods in the successful treatment of dozens of diseases, including cancer. 

     Sadly, many negative factors are at play against this trend. Serious problems continue to exist with the pharmaceutically-oriented western medical establishment and it’s addiction to power and profit.

     It has therefore been very difficult, especially in the USA, to get this life saving knowledge into the hands of the population in general, and even more difficult to reach the people who are sick and hurting and in critical need of this information. Resistance to the dissemination of these facts by profit driven food manufacturers, lobbyists, government agencies such as the FDA and CDC, and the pharmaceutically based medical establishment.

     Hopefully, in the years to come, knowledge will grow, attitudes will change and we will again be able to look back comically at some of the currently held positions on what constitutes good nutrition. In the meantime, we at Cherubino Health Center, will continue to pioneer the use of clinical nutrition and nutritional testing to combat disease and improve health.

Is there a relationship between your health and your nutritional intake? 

Yes, most certainly!

     With the application of functional medicine principles – imbalances are identified, your individual health status is established, and there is a wealth of nutritional knowledge that we can help you apply to the benefit of your health.  During a clinical nutrition evaluation we use live foods, detoxification, enzyme therapy, vitamin and mineral supplementation, nutraceuticals, herbs and homeopathics to help your body heal. (see Treatments and Services)
To schedule a nutritional analysis, please speak to a staff member at the center, email or call us. (Contact Us)

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