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Headache Relief

with Holistic, Alternative Treatment Methods

Young woman suffering with chronic fatigue from exhaustion of adrenal glands with hand on her head

The Bad News!

Statistically, over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from recurrent chronic headaches. According to the World Health Organization nearly half of that number experience headaches every day.

The Good News!

We hope that you find the information on this web page helpful and comforting. If you suffer from headaches, chances are good that there is help available through the kind of holistic and alternative health care we practice here at Cherubino Health Center.

Many people believe that if Western Medicine doesn’t have an answer to a problem, there is no answer.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Chemically based medicine can be lifesaving; however, it can also be quite limited, ineffective, and even harmful.

As we become more aware of the various forms of Medicine that are being practiced around the globe, it becomes clear that there is more than one approach that can bring health and healing to the world’s population.

This is known as Global Medicine and can be described as integrating what works from the various disciplines that are taught and practiced around the world.

At CHC we practice a form of Integrated Global Medicine from a holistic perspective.

Since we opened our doors in 1982, headache patients have come to us looking for relief from their suffering. Most were referred to our center from friends and family who had been helped with our new methods. 

In a way, Cherubino Health Center came into existence in large part, because of a headache cure.

Several years earlier our founder, Dr. Ron Cherubino, was cured of debilitating migraine headaches by a holistic chiropractic and osteopathic approach.

This occurred after 3 years of disability and the complete failure of western medicine to do anything but make the conditions worse.

If you would like know more, read Dr. Ron’s Story, The “Incurable Migraine”.

Headaches oftentimes have complex causes underlying the symptoms:

The underlying causes of each person’s headaches are unique and require an individualized approach to treatment and therapy. This is one of the reasons why our holistic approach works so well. Each person is evaluated thoroughly before any treatment approach is undertaken.

Under the umbrella of Cherubino Health Center you’ll find 3 specialized areas.
Each one is designed to address the specific needs of individual patients.

We use the following categories to better focus on each person’s individual needs:

Once our doctors have completed their evaluation we will recommend the appropriate treatment or combination of treatments in order to address each patient’s individual needs.

Step 1: Identifying the cause of your headaches.

Step 2: Treating the cause of your headaches with appropriate treatments and advice.

Step 3: Treatment of the underlying causes of your symptoms until function, healing, and correction have occurred.

Headaches Podcast

Female with headache holding head

More free audio podcasts are available from the Boston-based Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show.

 Visit our podcast page

Alternative Medicine and Migraine Headaches Podcast

In this podcast, Dr. Ron Cherubino and co-host Tim Horton discuss advances in the treatment of headaches with holistic and alternative medicine.

Sample EMI Results for Patient


Chronic Headaches

copy of EMI test of a patient suffering from chronic headaches
Photo of CHC Doctors with EMI results in blue
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