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Energy Medicine – Healing for the 21st Century
by Dr. Ron Cherubino, DC, AMD

Graphic of a simple molecule on a white background

(Author’s Note: For those people who are not inclined to read great quantities of information, or have specific areas of interest that they care to read about, feel free to skip around and please be aware that each section can stand on its own, even though all sections will add some value to the information as a whole.)

Medicine Defined

As attitudes and beliefs change so do definitions and meanings. The word “nice”, which is derived from the Latin word “nescius” originally meant ignorant or stupid. It now means agreeable, kind or satisfactory. The word “geek”, a variant of the English word “geck”, originally meant fool and later meant unattractive and socially awkward. It is currently used to describe proud and enthusiastic users of computers. And what about the words, “Gay, Tight and Sick”?

The definition of medicine is also changing. What was once used solely to describe a substance given to treat a disease or illness is now defined by The American Heritage, Stedman’s Medical Dictionary as: “The science of diagnosing, treating or preventing disease and other damage to the body or mind…. encompassing treatment by drugs, diet, exercise and (or) other nonsurgical means.”

The Growth of Holistic Medicine

I share the following information with the hope that it will be helpful, enlightening and encouraging to anyone seeking information about a better way to improve his or her health. Energy medicine does work. And it does so without the risks and side effects associated with other types of health-care. Over the past several decades there has been a growing interest worldwide in natural holistic medicine.

Millions upon millions of people have begun to embrace its principles and practices. With its application people have consistently overcome diseases and conditions that were previously believed to be incurable and untreatable.
Relatively new professions such as chiropractic, osteopathy and naturopathy as well as ancient disciplines including acupuncture and ayurveda are now being more widely used.

Resistance to Change

Unfortunately, in countries like the United States, opposition to new and “different” kinds of medicine has been considerable. Fostered and fueled by such organizations as the AMA and the PhRMA, (the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America), resistance has taken the form of everything from slander to libel. Lest you have any doubt concerning the financial power and influence of these organizations, look at this one statistic. In the year 2008, PhRMA members alone invested an estimated 50.3 billion dollars in the research and development of new drugs, all slated for human consumption. In that same year $215,115,456,488 drug prescriptions were filled by US pharmacies (data provided by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation For Healthcare Research).

Is it possible that this amount of financial power just might be a prime reason that there is so much political resistance to what, in reality, is a much more cost-effective way of dealing with sickness and disease? In fact, every time a person no longer needs one of their prescribed medications, money is lost in a system that depends on controlling symptoms and diseases through the ingestion of pharmaceutical agents.

Dangerous Medicine

Thousands of medical doctors nationwide have been disciplined, professionally ruined, bankrupted and even jailed. I personally know of several situations in which medical doctors are serving jail time for doing nothing more than daring to practice holistic medicine.

I use the example of medical doctors because it drives home the point more effectively than telling people how doctors of chiropractic were jailed in the US in the early 1900’s for supposedly practicing medicine without a license. Doctors of osteopathy, naturopathy and homeopathy have all been dealt with in similar ways over the past 100 plus years. State laws are still highly discriminatory to any doctor that chooses not to prescribe chemicals in the treatment of human disease.

While many people are perfectly content with this current chemically-based system of medicine, many more are not. People are desperately looking for answers and a place to find them. Naturally based holistic medicine is becoming a beacon of hope for millions of people around the world.

Changing Times

When I first began in practice the resistance to this kind of health care was considerable. At one point in my journey, my own licensing board was determined to “discipline” me into giving up this unscientific and therefore unacceptable energetically based way of practicing. I thank God that their efforts ultimately failed and that the understanding and acceptance of natural health care have continued to grow both here at home and globally. I jokingly tell people that I have somehow managed to make the transition from quack to pioneer over the course of 30 years. I personally think that it comes down to backing the right horse and never giving up. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the growth of this kind of medicine and the great numbers of people that have come to embrace it. The bottom line here is that holistic medicine works! If that were not true there would be no growing movement and no potential threat to the powers that be.

If this natural movement had even a small portion of the billions upon billions of dollars that are spent each year in the furtherment of a chemical agenda, just imagine what wonders we would discover in the area of energy medicine. The amount of human suffering that could be eliminated would be mind-boggling.

New Knowledge Must Displace Old Knowledge

The importance of understanding the information in this section cannot be overstated. My experience in the field of natural holistic medicine has brought me to the point where I firmly believe that an integrative approach to health care will ultimately be of the greatest value to humankind. We need to be very careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. In turn, we need to be even more careful that we examine our previously held beliefs in light of our new insights.
Many of our current practices, especially in the areas of anesthesia, surgery and emergency care in general, are remarkably effective. Viewing the body from a chemical perspective has served us fairly well in these specific areas. So for now this is the baby that we must carefully protect. However, the time has come to follow the reality trail, which now points us in the direction of physics first and chemistry at some point after that.
First and foremost this means that we can no longer depend on the knowledge and insight that we thought we had gained through our previous chemical perspective as the basis for forging ahead into new scientific frontiers. We must allow our old beliefs to be freely displaced by our new knowledge. This is more easily said than done. People tend to hold on vehemently to the security of their old knowledge, even when it has been shown to be false. What we need is pure science – the hallmarks of which are intellectual honesty and unbiased observation. Learning is only possible with forward thinking and therefore must not rely on what we thought we knew in the past.

Energy Medicine – What Is It?

Simply put, energy medicine seeks to positively effect human health by concerning itself with the inherent electrical nature of the human body. It recognizes that there are desirable and undesirable energy patterns associated with health and disease. Doctors that practice this kind of medicine are able to identify and correct imbalances in the body’s nervous and electrical systems by the use of specialized techniques.

These techniques vary widely from discipline to discipline and are used to influence, manipulate and balance the electromagnetic energy that exists in the human body. Implementation varies widely, with some disciplines preferring a hands-on approach and others using instruments or electrical devices. Botanicals such as herbs, plant enzymes and flower essences can also be used as part of an energetic approach to health and healing.

Understanding the Body Electric

For most of us, thinking of the body as electrical is a foreign concept. We have all been taught that the body is similar to a physical machine the smallest parts of which are chemicals. If something goes wrong with this machine and it is in need of repair then chemicals are the way to fix it. As a society, we have labored under this paradigm since the dawn of modern science. By the way, that is considered to have begun with the death of Copernicus in the mid-1500s. That’s a long time to be working with a faulty concept. Is it any wonder that we’ve gotten into such serious trouble by trying to “fix” the human body with the use of chemicals?

As I stated in my introduction, modern science has recently caught up, at least to a degree, with what many cultures have known for thousands of years. The body is electrical first and foremost and not chemical. Since this is a fact, I highly recommend that we learn to live with it and try to benefit from this new knowledge. This is exactly what energy medicine does and has done in its various forms throughout time. I like to say, “Science is the observer of truth, not the determiner of it.” It is therefore unrealistic for us to expect science, which is limited to the simple use of our five senses, to lead us to a complete and absolute understanding of all the wonders of the world in which we live. Science is great, don’t get me wrong, but it is not omnipotent.

Energy Medicine Throughout Time

How were various cultures throughout history able to correctly identify that the human body was made up of electrical energy? Here are two possibilities. First, these people observed with more then their simple five senses. Second, they accepted what they observed to have occurred regardless of whether they understood why it occurred or not. As long as it occurred predictably and repeatedly then it was accepted as real. This second part is a very important point. More incredible discoveries have been delayed, overlooked or denied because mechanistically based science depends more heavily on why something occurred than the fact that something did occur.

The Common Man at Carnegie Hall

There is also an issue with reproducibility. There is something called the common man rule which generally states that in order for something to be legitimate it must be understandable and recognizable by an average person. Sounds nice doesn’t it? In this instance it is terribly flawed. Not to sound intolerant, but not everyone is capable of doing everything that there is to be done. For example, how many people could ever be a concert violinist? Truth is, no matter how much time and effort most people devoted to the task of learning to master the violin, relatively few people would ever achieve Some of us are gifted in this way and some of us simply are not. The same is true with healers as it is with concert musicians.

Throughout the history of China, healers were discovered and nurtured. They were selected for such skills as their abilities to recognize the presence of energy imbalances, to see what others could not see and to feel what others could not feel. This then, was another important part of discovering what modern science continues to struggle with.

Seeing Is Believing

We are just now beginning to appreciate the amazing discoveries that cultures like the Chinese made with disciplines such as acupuncture and Qigong. In addition to the recognition of sensitive, aware and gifted individuals as healers and natural scientists they also made incredible discoveries because they respected what they observed. They then accepted what they knew to be true regardless of whether they knew why it was true or not. A little more of this kind of pure scientific observation in this day and age would serve us well indeed.

New and Unproven?

Many energy-based systems of healing techniques and treatments have stood the test of time and have helped millions of people overcome disease and regain their health. This is a fact. Reality notwithstanding, one of the major criticisms of energy-based systems of healing is that these approaches haven’t been scientifically proven. You hear it all the time. Scientifically, in this instance, is a code word for chemically proven. In most cases the reason for this is that chemically based science is not capable of fully understanding, let alone evaluating, energy-based medicine. In this instance, the dogmatic belief in chemistry as the foundation of life proves to be an insurmountable obstacle to understanding an energy-based system.

Unfortunately at the present time, only a small portion of practicing scientists are actually aware of their own profession’s latest discoveries. I am told it takes 10 to 15 years for a new discovery to make its way fully into the scientific community. And frankly, it may take a lot longer since the society in which we live is so financially and symptomatically dependent on chemistry.

Dead from a Lack of Oxygen

Since the human body is undeniably based on an energetic matrix and is therefore electrical in nature, you can see that we have a problem when it comes to one-sided chemically based thinking. Even when a treatment has been observed to be effective over long periods of time, it is criticized because a suitable chemical explanation as to why the treatment is effective is unknown. Based on this kind of “logic”, mankind would have died long ago from a lack of understanding that there was something known as oxygen in the air that
gave it the ability to sustain life. After all, if we didn’t know why it worked we wouldn’t get the benefit from it, right?

Drawing of atomic model in red and turquoise

Not As Simple As It Looks

One additional problem exists when trying to make the transition from a chemically-based mechanical approach to an energetic one. Chemistry is simple and predictable, whereas energy, especially the energetic system known as the human body, is not. This is partially because the body is based on physics not chemistry. It is also impossible to accurately predict how this highly intelligent self-healing organism will behave in each and every situation. When it comes to healing, the subconscious part of the body is far more intelligent and capable than the conscious part of our mind. As an old friend of mine often said, “The Body Knows Best”.

Here’s How It Works

In order to understand how energy medicine works it is important to have a basic understanding of the electrical nature of the body. (For those with an interest in learning even more, read my report entitled, The Body Electric — Overcoming Disease and Restoring Your Health)

The following explanation is offered as a simple and basic introduction to body electronics. The body is electrical in nature and requires a definite amount of electromagnetic energy to function. The distribution of this electrical energy will determine the health of the body as a whole due to the fact that every cell, tissue, organ and structure requires it to function. Where there is life there is electricity. With imbalance comes sickness and disease. With electrical rebalancing comes healing and health.

A healthy body will have a distribution of electrical energy that is even and homogenous. There are various ways of determining the current state of electrical balance in the body. Many techniques have their own ways of identifying and quantifying these imbalances with what are known as treatment indicators. We’ll discuss that in another section of this paper when we explain the workings of a number of commonly used energy medicine techniques.

The following diagrams are offered to help demonstrate the dynamic nature of electromagnetic energy and some of the basic examples of how our bodies respond to stress.
A healthy body will exhibit a balanced field of energy that surrounds it and extends several inches to several feet from the surface of the body. This can vary greatly from person to person and is dependent on multiple factors. An energetically balanced body will have free and open communication between all parts of the body.

Under ideal circumstances each cell communicates one to another freely and openly with minimal or no resistance. Since all structures in the body are made up of cells, healthy cells mean healthy tissues and organs. In a balanced body the nervous system is capable of efficiently transmitting electrical impulses to and from all parts of the body.

Healthy nervous system drawing in yellow

The Effect Of Stress On The Body

Our bodies are designed to respond to various stimuli. The body, via sensory nerve receptors responds to various forms of stresses. Information in the form of electrical nerve impulses is then carried to the spinal cord and brain for processing. Hundreds of thousands of these nerve impulses reach the brain every second where decisions are made subconsciously, and appropriate motor output signals are sent from the brain to specific parts of the body.

An example of this would be if you were walking along and while looking down your eyes spotted a sharp piece of glass projecting out of the ground. Signals would be sent from your eyes through your optic nerves directly into the brain where a quick decision would be made and another signal would be sent out to the muscles in your legs to sidestep the piece of glass. This is a simple example of any sensory motor neurological response. Millions of these kinds of responses occur each and every day of our lives. Sensory signals are continually sent from all parts of the body to the brain and instantaneous decisions are made to help your body properly respond to each stress stimuli.

You’re Smarter Than You Think

Well over 90% of all sensory motor responses are subconscious. While the conscious mind is thought to be able to handle only one thought at a time, the subconscious mind handles hundreds of thousands every split second. As you read the words on this page your body is processing the nutrients that you had for your last meal, producing hormones, regulating your skin and body temperature and a thousand other functions that would take far too long to list even if we knew what all of them were.

The body is therefore designed to respond to both internal and external stresses. The way that the body responds to stress is by shifting its energy to the task at hand. If the body is called upon to jump out of the way of a speeding car to save its life then more energy will be shifted to the muscles of the legs in order to give the person maximum sprinting strength for a quick and safe escape.

The shift in energy might look something like this. The increased electrical energy is shown as red over the muscles of the legs. The blue area represents a part of the body that the energy was borrowed from. In this illustration red represents excess energy and the blue area is deficient. (This is an example of the body adapting to the stress at hand)

After resting for a short period of time, a healthy body will return to a proper balance and the energy will return to a neutral state without areas of excess or deficiency. (The body is therefore no longer in a state of adaptation)

Drawing of silhouette of a person in blue and red with energy imbalance of nervous system

Compensation – The Beginning Of Disease (NID)

If the body is subject to recurrent stress of sufficient intensity then adaptation can become what is known as compensation. Compensation, in a sense, is a permanent form of adaptation. The body knows how to do one thing very well and that is to keep us safe by responding to the stresses in our environment. If a stress is persistent then the body will eventually become more and more efficient at changing its physiology to deal with that stress. It does this by shifting its neurological firing pattern in response to the constant stress.

Anything that the body does repeatedly it will learn and in time begin to repeat the responses automatically. This is the hallmark of a condition known as NID — Nerve Impulse Deficiency. Therefore, compensation is the beginning of disease and can occur to a pathological degree. This is sometimes referred to as survival segmentation and is the root cause of NID.

Drawing of persons nervous system with heart and liver problems

Energy — The Language Of The Body

From an energy standpoint the central nervous system has lost proper communication with both the liver and the heart. Too much attention is being paid to the liver and too little to the heart. In a sense, energy has shifted to the liver and has been robbed from the heart area. A nervous system-based energy technique that is capable of reestablishing balanced communication both to and from these two areas of the body is indicated. (This configuration is a simple example of what can become very complex and then detrimentally affect all of the organs in the body simultaneously.)

The following illustration shows one possible result of chronic physical stress on a person’s lower back. Severe lower back pain often times takes on this configuration.

Drawing of silhouette of a person in blue and red with energy imbalance of nervous system causing lower back pain

The following illustration shows an example of what the energy system of a cancer patient may look like. This is, of course, a generalization since no two people have the identical energy pattern.

Drawing of persons nervous system with liver problems

This is where the use of indicators and other methods of evaluation are very useful. They help determine each person’s pattern of compensation. In this way treatment can be more efficiently targeted which can considerably reduce the amount of treatment needed to restore a maximum balance to the body as a whole.

Finding a Practitioner

With any health care practitioner training, talent, personality and ethics are of primary importance. Each profession tends to draw a certain kind of person. Just as one person will make a better surgeon than a psychologist, some people are much better suited to practice the various forms of energy medicine than others. So how does one go about finding the right practitioner?

Many people will ask their friends for a recommendation. Others prefer to do their own research. Time permitting, I like to read up on a subject usually through textbooks, reports or papers. I then like to personally interview the practitioner either by phone or in person. A free or low priced introductory consultation or initial exam is very much to my liking. This gives me an opportunity to get a feel for the person one-on-one.
As the director of a multidisciplinary healthcare center I have been called upon to acquire, hire and fire numbers of practitioners over the years. Initially, I found this to be a very stressful responsibility. It was difficult to find practitioners that were strong in all necessary areas. At first I looked for people that were highly trained, not realizing that training alone does not make an exceptional practitioner. I’ve become pretty adept at recognizing an exceptional practitioner when I see one by following some simple time-tested criteria.

I recommend that you look for someone who is not only highly trained but also skilled, gifted and spiritually in tune with you and your beliefs. What you are looking for is a healer who is also a practitioner.
If I had to prioritize the importance of my own rules and criteria, I would put it as follows:

Naturally Gifted and Knowledgeable: Great healers are born and then they’re educated. I firmly believe that a naturally gifted person will always make the best practitioner. If at all possible find one of these gifted healers. Also, in order to work with Energy Medicine it is absolutely imperative that the practitioner has an excellent knowledge of body energetics. This is doable but it is a major challenge since almost all of us were raised in a chemically-based paradigm, which does not easily adapt itself to the understanding of the body as an energy based system.

Well Educated: If you had asked me 20 years ago if I thought this was important, I would have said — not very. I have since changed my mind and now believe that it is second only to being gifted as a healer.

In my early experiences with energy techniques I found myself surrounded by doctors who were interested in energy-based medicine. When you’re around people of this sort, educational background is a given. It literally becomes a non-issue. Some of the doctors in that original group excelled at the practice of energy medicine, while others did not. Since all of us had similar educational backgrounds, success or failure depended on natural ability.

At the time, I didn’t grasp the whole picture and I assumed that what was needed to succeed in this type of medicine was natural ability alone. I carried these assumptions with me for quite some time, even to the point of seeking out and teaching gifted individuals, some of whom had a limited scientific background. Suffice it to say the endeavor failed and I learned my lesson the hard way.

I will now tell you that it is important, especially for energy-based practitioners to have a good understanding of physics, neurology, neuroanatomy, biochemistry and similar disciplines, as well as natural ability.
Most doctorate level courses include these subjects; however when it comes to non-doctor-based practitioners the level of basic and clinical scientific training is often lacking. It doesn’t mean that you won’t find great practitioners that don’t have doctor before their name, but education is a real concern when seeking professional help. Over the years, many of my students did not hold doctoral degrees yet they turned out to be outstanding energy practitioners. Almost all of them, however, were self-learners and were well versed in these important subjects.

Multi-Technique Trained: One of the things that I look for when hiring a practitioner is training in more than one specific technique and the expertise to combine them as needed. When treatments are combined I find that this gives a practitioner a greater ability to treat a wider range of people and conditions.

Spiritually In Tune: This may seem like an unnecessary aspect for a doctor or other practitioner, however I think that it is vital especially when you are dealing holistically with body, mind and spirit. I am recommending that you find someone that fits your spiritual values, goals and aspirations to work with you and your health. In this way you will be setting the stage for whole body and whole person healing to occur.

Ethical and Moral: Don’t go to anyone who you feel is truly unethical or immoral. This should go without saying. Also, I would contend that it is not possible to pass the preceding spiritual category and fail at this one, and vice versa. Sometimes, whether or not you feel that a practitioner is ethical and moral is more of a gray area than a black-and-white one. I get questions frequently in connection with my Ask Dr Ron Radio Show concerning this subject. There are times when it seems obvious from what I am told that a practitioner is out of line in one way or another. Then there are other times when I can see that the patient is drawing conclusions based on what appear to be from misunderstanding, misinformation or even miscommunication.

One of the areas that we will address later in this report concerns symptoms. I encourage you to read that section because a misunderstanding in this area can make even the best of practitioners look like a crook. Holistic medicine gives us a much better understanding of symptoms than the one that quick fix medicine offers. Please make it a point to read that section.

Ask Dr Ron: Through the Ask Dr Ron Radio Show, we’ve done our best to help direct listeners to the right kind of holistic health care in their local areas. While our practitioner’s list is far from complete, we are more than happy to advise you on finding the right kind of energy-based treatment, clinical nutrition and other techniques that may be available close to where you live.

Energy Medicine and Specific Conditions

Natural medicine in general and energy medicine specifically, treats people not conditions. If it is possible to overcome a disease or an illness then it is up to the body to do the healing. Putting the body in a position to do this is what the practice of Energy Medicine is all about. Another way of putting it is — this type of medicine treats people not symptoms.

Here is a partial list of conditions that have responded well to this kind of whole body health care. Remember, each of the symptoms and conditions listed here improved as a result of a person receiving nervous system based energy medicine. Therefore, these symptoms improved in spite of the fact that they were not treated directly.

  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • inflammation
  • muscular strain
  • sciatica
  • PTSD
  • yeast infection
  • neuritis
  • migraine headaches
  • ADD / ADHD
  • poor posture
  • arthritis
  • allergies
  • fibromyalgia
  • constipation
  • cancer
  • erectile dysfunction
  • emotional tension
  • insomnia
  • spinal misalignment
  • numbness infection
  • NID weakness pain muscular tension
Photo of a stethoscope and an apple on a table

Over the past three decades I’ve even seen people get better from conditions that no doctor was able to classify or name. If you are currently dealing with a specific condition, disease or malady then my best advice to you is to locate an experienced practitioner and inquire as to whether they have had experience dealing with patients that have had similar or identical conditions.

Over the past three decades I’ve even seen people get better from conditions that no doctor was able to classify or name. If you are currently dealing with a specific condition, disease or malady then my best advice to you is to locate an experienced practitioner and inquire as to whether they have had experience dealing with patients that have had similar or identical conditions.

Types of Energy Medicine

The practice of Energy Medicine varies greatly depending on the discipline used and the practitioner using it. As mentioned in the section on finding a practitioner, energy-based techniques favorably lend themselves to being combined. This makes it difficult for people to find continuity when looking for a new practitioner in a different part of the country, when traveling or when recommending this kind of care to a friend who lives at a distance. These variations are one of the prime reasons why I recommend that people communicate up front with the doctors and other practitioners that they are thinking about working with. In this way you’ll be much more likely to find a proper “fit” than you would otherwise.

Specific Treatments and How They Work

The following information is offered as a general guideline to the how’s and why’s of some of the more common energy-based treatments that are available today. It is my hope that the reader will be informed and empowered by this information. I find that it’s also helpful to have a general idea of what questions you would like to ask your prospective practitioner and know what to expect when you finally do find the ideal practitioner and begin your energy-based treatments.]

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his or her patients in the care of the human frame, and a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas A. Edison (US inventor 1847 to 1931)


Background: Bioenergetics concerns itself with the flow of electrical energy through living systems. Its application to human body electronics, health and disease, has a rich history that in part can be traced back to Vienna, Austria in the 1920s. Wilhelm Reich, who was a young associate of Sigmund Freud, discovered that abuse and trauma was associated with what he called cognitive and physical armoring. He believed that releasing this armor could facilitate the healing of a person’s inner core and could also free their fundamental life energy.

Reich became a pioneer in integrating cognitive therapy and body memory. Many of the body therapies practiced in the United States and Europe today can trace their roots back to Wilhelm Reich’s work.
A modern pioneer in the field of Bioenergetics is Dr. M. T. Morter who is the inventor and developer of a powerful nervous system based technique known as BEST (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique).

Methods: Most of these techniques are performed entirely by hand without the use of instruments or devices. Typically, light pressure is applied to specific treatment points and other areas of the body to facilitate a shifting of electrical energy from areas of excess to areas of deficiency. A successful treatment session results in improved central and peripheral nervous system function which enables the body to better control, regulate and heal itself.

Chinese Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy

Background: Acupuncture is said to be 3000 to 5000 years old. The basic principles involve a unique overall view of the human body and its relationship to its surroundings. The Chinese speak of harmony, which is attained when balance exists within and around the body. Harmony and health go hand in hand. Chi, the Chinese word for energy, must be in proper balance in order for health to be present.

The Chinese have determined that this energy flows through pathways known as meridians. If you’ve ever seen an acupuncture mannequin, the meridians are depicted as lines drawn on the surface of the model. It is interesting to note that these Meridian points overlap and correspond to specific neurological pathways.

The practice of acupuncture utilizes a variety of methods to restore balance between meridians, ranging from the application of light touch to the use of electrical instrumentation on acupuncture points.

Methods: When most people think of acupuncture they think of needles. While this is still a commonly used method, the practice of acupuncture actually utilizes a variety of methods to restore balance between meridians. These range from the application of light touch to the use of electrical instrumentation on acupuncture/meridian points. Chinese medicine also offers various ways, some of which are quite complex, of evaluating these energy pathways and identifying imbalances between them.

Electro-Acupuncture: Electro-Acupuncture involves treatment of specific acupuncture and trigger points on the body with small (milliamp/microamp) electrical impulses. These electrical impulses are applied by using specifically designed instruments, which accurately locate and effectively treat specific acupuncture points. Treatment is safe and painless, making it appropriate for use with patients of any age. In our center, we have found that the therapeutic benefits resulting from the use of electro-acupuncture consistently exceed those achieved with the use of needles.

Energy-Medicine-Report acupuncture model blue

Laser Acupuncture

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This procedure is being used for reduction of pain, acceleration of wound healing and acupuncture therapy, to name but a few applications.

The discovery of Laser in 1960 opened up new prospects for the medical use of light. Lasers now provide the clinician with optically pure sources of light capable of producing specific photochemical and photoelectrical reactions. Since 1971 thousands of papers have been published in dozens of countries dealing with the physiological effects of low power laser. Low power laser has emerged as an important therapy for the treatment of a variety of conditions.

Research has demonstrated significant results, often times far exceeding those obtained with traditional needles, from the use of low power (635 – 690 nm) laser stimulation of acupuncture and energy points. When these points are stimulated, sympathetic and other afferents (nerves that conduct impulses to the spinal cord) transmit information to the central nervous system.

Researchers have demonstrated therapeutic changes to the central and peripheral nervous systems in patients following laser therapy. Nerve stimulation is immediate and within minutes microcirculation is improved bringing increased oxygen and blood flow into the area being treated. The laser beam also blocks pain enzymes and activates the synthesis of endorphin enzymes.

At the Cherubino Health Center, we have implemented the use of low power cold quartz lasers in acupuncture and auricular therapy treatments. Our results have been very favorable in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions. The use of laser light is safe, painless and effective without the risks and complications associated with the use of needles.


Background: Considered a part of Chinese medicine, Qigong is a powerful energy healing technique that can greatly improve a person’s vitality and health. Historically this technique is practiced in many forms, which range from exercise to whole body energy field rebalancing. Regardless of the methods used, the goal is always the same and involves improvement of the electrical energy contained in and around the body.

Methods: This technique can be performed in a variety of ways including light touch, firm pressure and specific exercises. On a visit to China I personally witnessed a demonstration by a Qigong master who balanced one of my fellow practitioner’s body energies from across the room. I must admit, at the time, I was quietly observant but did manage to keep an open mind. What I have learned and experienced since that time leads me to believe that the Qigong practitioner was indeed doing what he said.

T.K.M. Method®

Background: The TKM Method® (Kiiki-Jitsu) has acquired its roots from Japanese Medicine and a system of healing known as Jin Shin Jyutsu. Similar to energy-based techniques originating in China, the TKM Method® provides a way of freeing vital body energies to promote integration, wellness and healing.

Methods: TKM Method® is a hands-on technique, with the practitioner sequentially placing his or her hands lightly on two different and precise locations on the body (over clothing) at the same time. This stimulates the body’s electrical energy to move, shift and rebalance. This flow promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation, increased CNS (central nervous system) conductivity, and improved enzyme activity – all of which are necessary to promote healing, rejuvenate body systems and improve overall health.

This technique is highly effective in restoring the normal flow of electrical energy to and from all areas of the body and in integrating the function of the peripheral nervous system with that of the central nervous system. It can be used as a stand-alone technique, or as an adjunctive and supportive therapy and is an excellent choice for maintenance and preventative treatment regimens alike.

Dr Ron Cherubino lecturing at Second Medical College in Shanghai China

PET — Pulse Energy Technique

Background: Pulse Energy Technique is a by-hand healing modality developed over the past 30 years by Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Dr. Ron Cherubino. Numerous and varied systems of healing from around the world have been studied, practiced, integrated, assimilated and enhanced in order to develop this highly effective technique.

PET combines nonforceful Chiropractic principles with those of Acupuncture, Meridian Therapy, and Bioenergetics. With the use of this technique, areas of imbalance and deficiency in the body’s nervous system are identified and corrected.

Methods: Light finger pressure is applied to points adjacent to the spinal column, on the cranium and specific nerve pathways. Treatment with Pulse Energy Technique results in improved nervous system function, and is capable of bringing about permanent correction of the underlying causes of many diseases.

PET can be classified as a sensory-based technique with the ability of facilitating permanent changes to both the sensory and motor divisions of the nervous system. The purpose of this technique is to reestablish communication between the peripheral and central divisions of the nervous system. It reorients the relationship between the two and reeducates the appropriate neural components; thereby enabling the body to self-regulate and maintain a more functional overall communication system.

CranioSacral Therapy

Background: This technique dates back to the 1930s and 40s when Dr. William Sutherland first developed a technique which involved the gentle manipulation of the cranium (head) that resulted in tremendous health benefits for people suffering from a wide variety of problems. In the 1970s Dr. John Upledger began working with this technique and continues to do so through the present time. CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and correcting problems affecting the craniosacral system, the environment in which the brain and spinal cord function. This manual therapy encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms to improve the operation of the central nervous system, relieve the negative effects of stress, improve overall health and strengthen the body’s immune system. The craniosacral system consists of membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround the brain and spinal cord. It extends from the bones of the skull, face and mouth, which make up the cranium, down to the sacrum, or tailbone area. An imbalance or restriction in this system can potentially cause any number of problems with the body’s nervous system. Methods: Treatment is performed by hand and is non-forceful in nature with the practitioner generally applying only five grams of pressure. This is roughly equivalent to the weight of a nickel.

CranioSacral Therapy is practiced worldwide by doctors and therapists of all known disciplines including, medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic medicine, doctors of Oriental medicine, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other professional body workers.

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Chiropractic Treatment

Background: Chiropractic was discovered in Davenport Iowa in the year 1895 by D.D. Palmer. Dr Palmer was a pioneer in the area of what we now know as energy medicine and hands on healing.

The first chiropractic patient was a man by the name of Harvey Lillard who was cured of deafness by the first chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic began as a way of improving the flow of electrical energy through the body for the restoration of whole body health. Conditions such as diabetes, scleroderma, migraine headaches and chronic back pain were eliminated by the use of early chiropractic techniques.

Chiropractic represents the earliest electrically based system of healing in the United States. It was initially considered such a formidable threat to the sanctity of chemically-based medicine that chiropractors were jailed in the early 1900’s on the grounds that they were practicing medicine without a license. By that time in American history, medicine had become synonymous with chemistry.

While this mistreatment did eventually cause the profession to go partially underground, there has been a considerable resurrection of the original chiropractic principles over the past several decades. There are now highly effective forceful and non-forceful energy-based chiropractic techniques that are capable of restoring whole body health and nervous system function.

Methods: Chiropractic techniques range from the use of gentle and specific spinal manipulation by hand or instrument to the use of light finger pressure over reflex nerve points. All energy-based chiropractic techniques are designed to improve the flow of electrical energy to the nervous system by removing interference of one sort or another. This form of chiropractic treatment is not limited to the treatment of spine or muscle problems but is capable of treating people that may be suffering from a wide variety of conditions and diseases. For more information read — Chiropractic: An American-Born Science

Stimulatory Versus Non-Stimulatory Treatment

 Not all energy-based treatments are created equal.   Some approaches work more favorably with the body’s natural healing abilities than others.

Stimulatory Treatment: This is a common pitfall with certain techniques. It is possible to use acupuncture, for example, in a similar manner to the way drugs are used to control symptoms. By way of example, acupuncture can be used to block energy pathways to a specific area of the body that would give a person quick relief of allergy symptoms. This may not seem like a problem on the surface, but in the long run if the cause of the allergies was based in a weakened immune system then blocking a symptom does absolutely nothing to correct the cause of the problem. This kind of treatment may initially make the patient happy but in time it will backfire and allergy symptoms will return with a vengeance.

Non-Stimulatory Treatment: This type of treatment addresses the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. No pathways are blocked, stimulated or otherwise forced to do anything in order to relieve a symptom. Rather, overall energy patterns are evaluated, assessed and corrected by reestablishing improved neurological communication between the central and peripheral nervous systems. Since the central nervous system is capable of being reeducated through the proper use of energy medicine techniques, this kind of treatment is capable of achieving permanent correction of both the underlying problem and its symptoms.

Again, if you use an energetic technique to force the body into making a change in its energy pattern, there is very little chance that the body will actually be able to hold on to that change. However, with a non-stimulatory treatment, especially if it is nervous system based, it is possible to free the patient from the constant need for ongoing corrective care.

This is not to say that ongoing preventative treatment is not desirable, because it certainly is. Preventative care is necessary if people are to maintain their highest level of energy balance, function and health. But there is no excuse for continuing to help a person cover-up their symptoms while the underlying neurological cause of the problem goes untreated.

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Don’t Be Fooled By Your Symptoms

Many people misunderstand the true nature of symptoms. They mistakenly believe that an absence of symptoms is a measurement of health. Wouldn’t it be great if life were that simple?

One of the defining characteristics of natural medicine is its concern with the elimination of the underlying cause of a disease and not merely covering up its symptoms. I like to remind people that while healthy people are symptom free, symptom free people are not necessarily healthy. It sounds like double talk to some, but it actually isn’t. Many people make this mistake and misunderstand their symptoms. They get it backwards and become confused, sometimes to the point of actually believing that a lack of symptoms is always synonymous with health.

At this point you may be asking yourself why the heck is this guy going on about symptoms. Let me share with you why understanding the nature of symptoms is so important by giving you an example from my childhood.

I grew up in the 1950s when times and people were quite a bit simpler than they are today. My mother, God rest her soul, raised my brother and me with a very simple concept when it came to symptoms. Symptoms of any sort were to be feared and dealt with immediately. Conversely, if you were symptom-free you had absolutely nothing to worry about.

I remember a time when I was under the age of 10 years and was repeatedly treated with antibiotics for a recurrent bacterial infection. As the doctor was writing out the fifth prescription my mother with sheer exasperation in her voice asked the doctor if she really had to fill this new prescription since she had so much penicillin left from the last four. What she had been doing is following her common sense. She would give me the penicillin as instructed, but only as long as the symptoms continued. As soon as my symptoms got better she stopped the medication. The bottom line was that I hadn’t taken the medication long enough to completely kill off the bacteria, and eventually it recurred. This is another example of how symptoms can mislead us, harm us and let us down.

Symptoms versus Indicators

Here is a saying that I love. Not just because it’s one of my own but because it says so much. “Symptoms Are Great Motivators But Poor Indicators!”

By definition, symptoms are actually a type of indicator.   The main difference is that symptoms are subjective and indicators are far more objective. In other words, symptoms are something that a patient can feel whereas practitioners are trained to identify other indicators whether the patient is aware of them or not.

The fact of the matter is that symptoms are very unreliable. A case in point is that symptoms may be severe as the result of a relatively minor cause, for example a hangnail. On the other hand, symptoms are very often nonexistent in spite of the presence of extremely serious and life-threatening conditions such as heart disease or various forms of cancer. Statistically, every few minutes in this country a person suffers a fatal heart attack.   Many of those people will have had no symptoms prior to the incident. Enough said?

Fortunately, indicators are far more reliable than symptoms and provide important insights into the health of the body.

While many people may not be aware of it, various types of indicators are already in common use in health care today. These include blood pressure, pupillary dilation, blood chemistry tests, muscle testing, structural analysis etc. While most of these indicators are used in the practice of chemically-based allopathic medicine, natural health-care and energy-based medicine have their own time tested and well established indicators as well.

Chinese acupuncture and Meridian therapy use pulses as indicators of electrical activity in various parts of the body. Pulses are also used in Austrian bioenergetics and in the British CranioSacral Therapy. The chiropractic and osteopathic professions use spinal subluxations and spinal mobility as indicators of nervous system and circulatory deficiencies. Conditions such as Nerve Impulse Deficiency, NID, can be identified and quantified with the use of electrical resistance test equipment. In this case EMI testing acts as an indicator of nervous system function.

The regular use of combinations of these indicators holds the potential to reduce suffering, avoid disease and save lives.

Any family doctor can tell you that many patients are resistant to regular checkups and evaluations where these health indicators are utilized. It seems that many people would rather take their chances with symptoms than face the truth about their health. So what is standing in their way?

Here are some thoughts on the subject:

Fear — in reality, there is much more to be afraid of if you don’t have the facts.

Lack of control — having testing done leads some people to feel a dependence on others. For these people, trusting in their symptoms puts them “in control”. From the above example of heart attacks and cancer, it is clear that symptoms may be absent with fatal consequences. Take control and find dependable practitioners in whom you can trust.

Lack of trustsome people are afraid that doctors and other practitioners will take advantage of them and give them misinformation for purposes of power, control and finance. By all means, find a practitioner that you can trust.

Lack of knowledge — a lack of knowledge leads to a lack of belief, which leads to the inability to benefit from early detection indicators and the relatively minimal treatment required in the earlier stages of a condition. There is a wealth of knowledge freely available concerning early detection testing, preventative health care methods, and the maintenance of a high level of health. This website has all sorts of scientifically sound information and is a great place to explore and learn.

doctor in blue scrubs holding her thumb up and holding a sign

Being Treated Before Symptoms Occur

The best time to be treated is before symptoms occur. Hopefully the preceding information has already taken the sting out of this potentially painful statement. Please try not to discount this statement because it happens to be absolutely true. With the proper use of indicators a trained and skilled practitioner will be able to identify problems before those problems cause symptoms. I know this is a radical idea to many of you, but it is where the future of medicine is heading. How many people in the year 1948 do you suppose could have imagined whole cities full of people talking to one another on mobile phones? The difference is that this level of health care is available right now through energy-based doctors and practitioners.

Feeling Worse Before You Feel Better

It is entirely possible, due to the body’s natural healing processes, to become more symptomatic and feel worse while your body is actually getting better. So not only is it appropriate to be treated when indicators are present and symptoms are not, but it is also appropriate to continue with treatment even when symptoms temporarily increase, as long as the proper indicators are present.

The particulars concerning symptoms and indicators can be more fully explained by a well- informed practitioner of Energy Medicine.   I frequently receive questions from listeners to my Ask Dr Ron Radio Show concerning this matter. As always, you are welcome to e-mail me with your specific questions and concerns.

Getting Started With Energy Medicine

Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the basic concepts associated with the practice of Energy Medicine, I encourage you to read more on the subject. A good starting place is On that site you will find information in written and audio form on a wide variety of subjects relating to Nervous System-Based Energy Medicine, radio show podcasts of “Ask Dr Ron”, interviews with health experts, information on and access to clinical quality supplements, specific information on naturally based alternative treatments, nutritional information including diet plans and recipes, book lists, information on specific conditions and diseases and most of all, real hope based on decades of success with thousands of individuals.

No discussion of energy medicine would be complete without at least mentioning the condition known as Nerve Impulse Deficiency (NID). I realize that it’s been mentioned briefly in the preceding information, but it actually deserves far greater attention. One of my reports entitled, The Body Electric –– Overcoming Disease and Restoring Your Health, is a must read if for no other reason than for the detailed information it contains on causes, identification and treatment of this very serious condition. NID is one of the most overlooked conditions of the 21st century which is unfortunate because it is at the root cause of so many of the common ailments that plague much of the world’s population today.

NID can be easily identified and quantified with an indicator-based test called Electro-Magnetic Imaging (EMI). The Body Electric report contains information on both NID and EMI and I again encourage you to get read it.

I further encourage those who have found this report informative to now put it to use. Regardless of where you live chances are there are some holistic doctors and other natural healthcare practitioners using the principles of energy medicine. In the three decades that I have been involved with natural healthcare, I have found the most effective techniques are nervous system based. I encourage you to e- mail, write or phone with your questions and concerns. Whether you need help finding a practitioner in your area, are looking for advice or are interested in becoming a patient at the Cherubino Health Center, my staff and I are here to help you.

So many of the diseases and conditions that have been labeled hopeless, permanent, untreatable, incurable or even nonexistent, are simply not. While it is true that these conditions are generally incurable by our current chemically based healthcare system, the vast majority are quite treatable and in many cases completely curable with the proper application of nervous system based Energy Medicine methods and treatments.


Yours in health,

Dr. Ron Cherubino



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