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Prostate Health Podcast – Ask Dr. Ron Radio

Prostate Health and Alternative Medicine – Ask Dr. Ron Radio

The Growing Concern about Prostate Health

Prostate health is becoming a growing concern in America and around the world. Statistically, men over the age of 50 have a 50% chance of having an enlarged prostate, a condition known as BPH, (often minimized, it is actually a serious sign of poor prostate health).

Whether it be benign growth of the prostate or actual cancer, there are ways of improving prostate health through the use of Alternative Medicine, clinical nutrition and holistic treatment techniques.

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Alternative Medicine Approach

In this broadcast of the Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show, Dr. Ron Cherubino and cohost Tim Horton discuss how alternative medicine views prostate health and shares some prostate health tips and natural holistic treatment alternatives that are available to improve prostate health or maintain an already healthy one.

On our companion site,, you’ll find hundreds of podcasts on various holistic and alternative medicine subjects. There are a number of additional podcasts on the subject of prostate health and many more on related subjects of alternative medicine, nutrition and treatment therapies for a wide variety of conditions.

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