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RMF Technique – Relaxation Audio

with Dr. Ron Cherubino

Introduction to Body Awareness Technique

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About the technique – Relaxation Motivation Facilitation (RMF) Technique was developed by Dr. Ron Cherubino as a way of tapping into the body’s innate ability to control, regulate and heal itself. It uses a progressive form of relaxation that effectively disengages dominant five senses based consciousness and allows cellular consciousness and intelligence to work in an unfettered and uninhibited manner.
*As with all information offered on this website, the use of RMF audio recordings is intended for general relaxation purposes and is not meant to diagnose or cure any specific condition or disease. Enjoy!

Individualized and personalized RMF relaxation audio recordings are available through the Cherubino Health Center Clinic.

Woman listening to RMF Technique sitting in Yoga position with headphones onRMF technique (Relaxation Motivation Facilitation Technique) can be effectively applied to a variety of conditions, needs and
situations. Oftentimes the more specific a recording is to a person’s unique and individual needs, the more effective the outcome.

 Recordings can also be recorded with a male or female voice.

(Contact us for details)

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