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5 Things To Consider Before Taking Statin Drugs!

5 Things To Consider Before Taking Statin Drugs! – Ask Dr Ron

by – Dr. Ron Cherubino, DC, AMD

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The use of Statin drugs is growing worldwide.

In the United States alone the use of cholesterol medication in the form of Statin drugs breaks down as follows:

  • 50% of men ages 65 to 74
  • 39% of women ages 75 and older

We are now hearing talk about lowering your cholesterol with Statin drugs as being preventive. Also, a recent study may suggest that whole populations of people could benefit by the use of Statin drugs – earlier, rather than later. Flawed studies are supportive of these claims!

Two Questions Concerning Heart Disease:

  • Is lowering your cholesterol truly preventive when it comes to heart disease?
  • Does the potential harm associated with Statin drugs ( outweigh the potential good when it comes to cholesterol medications?

While I readily admit that there are rare instances where certain patients may benefit by the use of Statin drugs, more and more people are making the decision to “just say no”. 

If you’ve been prescribed a Statin drug then you have probably been told that there is little or no risk involved and that the prescription could save your life. 

Here Are 5 Things to Consider to Help You Make an Informed Decision, Before Taking Statin Drugs:

One – Statin drugs do not address the cause of elevated cholesterol but merely the symptom.

One major factor in elevated cholesterol levels is cellular inflammation and toxicity. Statin drugs actually make this condition worse by increasing inflammation and toxicity and reducing your body’s ability to naturally “de-flame”.

Two – Statin drugs have a harmful effect on liver function by limiting your body’s ability to produce cholesterol.

Cholesterol is important and is produced naturally in the liver in response to a variety of stimuli.

  • Cholesterol is a precursor to vitamin D and bile salts, which are required for proper digestion of fats.
  • Cholesterol is vital for proper nervous system function.
  • Cholesterol acts as the body’s patching mechanism, repairing and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

The underlying causes of high cholesterol need to be identified, understood and corrected whenever possible. The vast majority of times there is no defect in the cholesterol forming mechanisms of the body but rather naturally correctable root causes. (drug free solutions)

Three – Cholesterol levels have been shown to favorably re-adjust without the use of drugs, in response to numerous non-chemical approaches.

Applied clinical nutrition, and numerous highly effective therapies are available through holistic and alternative medicine. These non-drug therapies are designed to improve a person’s health and their cholesterol levels without the negative effects of Statin drugs.

At the very least, I recommend Statin drugs be used as a last resort, when all else that is safe and natural has failed.

Four – There is credible evidence to suggest that high cholesterol alone is not associated with an increased risk of heart attack or heart disease.

Five – Hereditary factors are not immutable. In other words, just because high cholesterol “runs” in your family it does not mean that heart disease is inevitable. It also does not mean that the use of Statin drugs is necessary.

Long Term Negative Effects of Statin Drugs Are Unknown!

The contribution of fats, cholesterol medication and other dietary influences are far too complex for our current state of medical science to verify or deny. Falsifying results and manipulating test parameters is rampant under the current system.

The fact is that natural health science that is founded on sound observational methods has been aware of the truth about cholesterol for many years.

Here is an Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show Broadcast about Inflammation and Cholesterol.

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Ask Dr Ron Show Logo Natural Global MedicineAbout the author: Dr. Ron Cherubino is the founder and current clinical director of Cherubino Health Center which is located just outside of Boston Massachusetts. He is a Chiropractic physician (DC) and a Doctor of Alternative Medicine (AMD). He hosts the Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show, Healthy Conversations with Dr. Ron and is the author of numerous articles on chiropractic, holistic and alternative medicine.

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