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Photo of a glass of raw carrot juice with raw carrots in the foreground containing live enzymes

Five Reasons to Drink Raw Carrot Juice

Five Reasons to Drink Raw Carrot Juice!

by Dr. Ron Cherubino

Photo of a glass of raw carrot juice with raw carrots in the foreground containing live enzymes

Many people are unaware that there is a difference between raw carrot juice and processed carrot juice.

Just the other day as I was preparing to treat a patient at the Cherubino Health Center, I asked if he had been drinking his carrot juice per my recommendations?

His immediate answer was “absolutely, 8 ounces every other day”. I then proceeded to ask him what kind of juice extractor he had purchased and if he found it easy to use?

He then told me that while he was at his local Whole Foods Market looking for a juice extractor, he discovered that he could buy carrot juice in the bottled juice aisle instead of having to make it himself. And that that was the juice he was drinking.

I then explained to him that there was a world of difference between fresh made raw juice with live enzymes from a juice extractor and the processed bottled carrot juice he was drinking. Here are some of the salient points concerning raw carrot juice benefits.

Five Reasons to Drink Raw Carrot Juice Instead of Processed Carrot Juice:

1. Raw Carrot Juice Contains Live Enzymes!

Live enzymes are proteins, produced by a living organism that act as a catalyst to bring about specific biochemical reactions. Fruits and vegetables in their natural state are vital and alive. Part of their vitality comes from specific proteins known as enzymes.

In the human body, these plant-based live enzymes assist in many vital bodily functions. These include, detoxification, cellular respiration, transport of macro and micro nutrients, cellular repair and restoration, to name but a few.

2. Bottled Juices are Heated and Pasteurized!

Pasteurization has a decidedly negative affect on the raw juice that is slated to be bottled or canned. Wait a minute, milk is pasteurized isn’t it? Yes, that’s true, milk is pasteurized, which is a topic for another day.

Suffice it to say, that any protein contained in raw juice that is heated sufficiently or pasteurized, will have all of its formerly live enzymes denatured.

Live enzymes are sensitive to heat. Unfortunately, in preparation for juice to be bottled, canned or vacuum sealed in any manner, all live enzymes are summarily damaged.

This is done by heating and pasteurizing the juice which renders it biochemically far less valuable to the human body than it was in its raw unheated state.

In other words its nutritional value is minimal and its enzyme activity severely damaged.

(I would like to say here that raw juice must be pasteurized in order to be safely bottled or canned. That notwithstanding, pasteurized juice has little to offer other than calories.)

3. Raw Carrot Juice Helps to Alkalize the Body!

Raw carrot juice contains minerals in a form that is well-suited to help neutralize acids and alkalize body fluids. 

By way of a brief explanation, raw carrot juice contains covalently bound minerals in comparison to pasteurized juice which contains denatured proteins and therefore, ionically bound minerals.

If you remember your basic chemistry, the ionic bonds that occur as the result of heating the carrot juice are far more difficult for the body to break apart than the naturally occurring covalent bonds (double bonds) that are found in unheated raw carrot juice.

Very little heat is generated while the juice extractor separates juice from pulp. As a result, live enzymes in the resulting raw carrot juice are preserved. This allows a wide variety of the minerals to remain readily and easily available.

4. Beta-Carotene Is More Biochemically Available In Raw Carrot Juice!

Raw carrot juice contains a high quality form of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene in this form is easily converted to vitamin A in the body. The biochemical beauty of this situation is that beta-carotene will only be converted to the amount of vitamin A that the body needs at the particular time that it needs it.

Once the juice has been heated, molecules of beta-carotene are much more difficult for the body to convert.

5. Raw Carrot Juice Is Naturally Detoxifying and Healing!

Raw carrot juice has long been a dependable, tried-and-true method of detoxifying built up acids and poisons. Through my many years in practice I have successfully used carrot juice to assist thousands of patients reliably alkalize, detoxify and heal. I have also found raw carrot juice to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

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